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Influencing Ethical Behavior: 4 Levers that Create an Ethical Culture

The program for a major multinational insurance company was complete when the invitation was issued to join the senior management team for lunch and a debrief.  Didn’t know that was in the works, but I was quite open to the opportunity.  As we gathered the meeting was opened to pepper me with questions regarding creating an ethical culture.  The second question asked related to influencing ethical behavior.  “What mechanisms do you see companies using to have a positive impact on influencing ethical behavior among employees?”  The answer was simple and often what is Influencing Ethical Behaviorobvious is what is often missed.

“There are four practical levers that create the foundation for an ethical culture,” I responded and from there we had an interactive lunch that was inspiring.

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Things They Don’t Teach in Business School

Gregory Scott Baker is one of guys people must have pointed to and said, “He’s got to be one of the brightest people in the room.” After all, he was a business professor at American River College, where he sought to mold the minds of future business leaders.  But then there are things they don’t teach in business school.

Things they don't teach in business schoolUnfortunately, standing up in front of a class and “teaching,” are not equivalent behaviors to being an ethical business person capable of making good decisions. Mr. Baker has just been sentenced to jail for 64 months for bilking the United Auburn Indian Community out of $18 million. Not only did he defraud, but he is also guilty of money laundering and filing false tax returns. His unethical vehicle of choice was a construction project with inflated overruns and kickbacks.

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Pokémon Go – Is American Losing Touch with Reality?

It is easy to blame the misuse of crazes such as Pokémon Go on many factors. We can wring our hands and blame software developers or kids, bad parenting and educational systems, insensitivity or the digital media. I will blame the misuse on a lack of Pokemon Go - American Ethics.jpgethics that runs through the core of America. We are rapidly losing our touch with reality.

Pokémon Go is a highly interactive game targeted towards adolescents and teens. Is it addictive? I would hate to blame Pokémon Go alone. There are a myriad of digital distractions that have consumed adolescents and teens, but I might also make a good argument that the world has become so consumed with staring into little screens as a greater and greater percentage of our existence that many of us are now inside our screens looking out.

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Unethical Employees plague Retail – Just ask Bed Bath & Beyond

The Greenville News ran an interesting piece on May 13, 2016, that talks to an issue plaguing companies across North America – unethical employees. Entitled, “Bed Bath & Beyond assistant manager indicted,” the article talks about an assistant manager who devised a “clever” but completely unethical scam to cheat the company that was employing him.  Not only a bad apple here, but Unethical Employees at Bed Bath & Beyondsomeone in management conspiring as an unethical employee.  Sad!

According to the piece:

“An indictment alleges (the employee) purchased used or broken items from various places and exchanged them for new items, such as a Roomba vacuum cleaner, at Bed Bath & Beyond stores in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia…

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Is Ethics Training Important – Just ask Johnny Manziel and Martin Shkreli

Ethical training is as relevant and important for those in business as in sports; as meaningful for a professional football quarterback as for the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. To illustrate my point, let’s talk about the lives of Johnny and Martin. I don’t know if these two men have ever met, but they certainly have a great deal in common.  And the question we must ask is ethics training Important?

Is Ethics Training ImportantIt was Martin Shkreli, former head of Turing Pharmaceuticals who was ordered to testify in front of Congress last February. The congress people specifically wanted to ask Shkreli why he would take a $13.50 pill and raise the per pill price to $750.00, an increase of more than 5,550 percent. Not only has he shown no remorse, he smirked at the panel that was looking into the drug prices.

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Ethics in Education: Who Teaches Our Educators a Sense of Ethics?

Last week, we discussed a case where principals took huge bribes, and in the past we have talked about improper behavior among teachers. This week, I must turn my attention to para-professionals.  This case is an issue of ethics in education.

The case in question involves a video taken of a mental health para-professional in Brooklyn, New York who punched an 11 Ethics in Educationyear-old autistic boy in the school cafeteria in the summer of 2014. The boy allegedly made a racial remark.

I need to stop at this point and say that no one is as adamantly opposed to racism in any form as am I. It is abhorrent to me. However, in this particular case, I am not so certain what we are looking at is racism so much as a lack of training for a very difficult job and a lack of compassion for what these people go through on a daily basis.

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Business Ethics: Fraud Punishment at Pilot Flying J

What is a promise worth? Apparently, it was not worth very much to the former top executives at the Pilot Flying J chain of truck stops. The story first came to interest me as the chain as well as the NFL’s Cleveland Browns franchise, is owned by Jimmy Haslam. Haslam is phenomenally wealthy as the truck stops are worth about $31 billion, but apparently all of that wealth was not Pilot Flying Jenough for the company’s top executives.

The top executives including former president Mark Hazelwood, John Freeman and Scott Wombold were involved in a massive conspiracy scheme along with witness tampering in regard to defraud major trucking companies of fuel rebates.

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Is Business Ethics Training Important?

While some would argue profits or return to shareholders is the most important function of a business enterprise, I would suggest that one of the most important qualities that people look for in any organization is ethical behavior. You will have no business if you ignore the value of treating your customers as your most valuable asset.  Most organizations, if they are honest, want to be Business Ethics Trainingable to assure their customers that their business is appreciated and that they will always be treated fairly.  Hence business ethics training is a critical component of most highly successful businesses.

Here are a few easy tips to follow when it comes to business ethics.

Business Ethics Should Exist in All Levels of Business

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