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SEXTING! Who will teach children to become ethical adults? It may be the courts.

We are in a rather strange time in our human history, I think. Parents, educators and leaders are often approaching the children who grace their lives not from the standpoint as being their mentors or role models, but as their “best friends” or treating them as simply, younger adults. The consequences are sometimes leading to ethically tragic endings.

Cell Phone PicsI am certainly not calling for a return to the good old days when paddles and slaps were used in place of respect, love and common sense but I am (oh horror!) suggesting that children are children and they need guidance. Your 12 year old child is not your best friend; he or she is a child who needs your love and support – and sometimes it must be tough love and guided support. 

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The Todd Hoffner Story – When Good Intentions Lead to Miserable Consequences

The problem with the Todd Hoffner story is that there are truly no evil characters. Everyone seems to me to be a good guy.

I want to try to reach those of you who are coaches of any sport and at any level.  I want to teach you, that the best way to avoid the consequences of what are perceived to be major ethical and legal issues is to recognize the potential for problems in the first place. This may be more difficult than you imagine, and you may have some serious blind spots in your mirrors because the very things that make you a good guy, may lead to your downfall.

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