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Barry Minkow faces Prison again! San Diego Community Bible Church defrauded

It’s often been said, “Once a criminal always a criminal.”  I disagree!  People make choices and some of them have very negative consequences.  I know I’ve made them and live with the consequences.  But, a bad choice doesn’t mean that one is bad.  Hum…in the case of Barry Minkow…well perhaps he’s an exception.  Certainly his actions would fully support what many think.

BARRY MINKOWFormer pastor and con man, Barry Minkow, age 48, was sentenced to five years in federal prison for stealing $3.5 million from his San Diego church and its members.  The tale of betrayal made the three-time felon one of the worst white-collar criminals according a federal judge.


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What have all the Ethics gone? Seems that Fraud is rampant! Business Ethics expert Chuck Gallagher comments

All too often I’m asked, especially as we review this past year on the anniversary month of the disclosure of Bernie Madoff’s fraud, whether fraud should decrease since we are more focused on ethics and ethical choices. Unfortunately, as I see it the answer is a resounding no!   Fraud is rampant. Yet, the Ethics Resource Center in their new 2009 biennial National Business Ethics Survey reported a surprising conclusion:

We behave better in bad times.  “Contrary to what one might expect, misconduct declines in turbulent economic times and rises when the pressure’s off,” the report says.  When asked about specific abuses or ethical lapses – such as misusing company resources, lying to outside stakeholders or falsifying time or expenses – a smaller percentage of U.S. workers observed problems this year compared with the 2007 survey, taken before the recession began.  “Yet our research suggests that the improvements in ethical conduct will be temporary,” warned the ethics center’s CEO, Patricia Harned.

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