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Chuck Gallagher – Business Ethics Expert Speaks at United States Coast Guard Academy 20th Annual Ethics Forum

Given the increased complications junior officers face and what was seen as a gradual deterioration in moral and ethical standards of behavior within the coast-guard-logogovernment, the class of 1948, at their 40th reunion, felt that the Academy graduates should have the best foundation possible in the humanities, government, integrity, ethics and political judgment.  Furthermore, they felt that Academy graduates must be outstanding citizens, as well as good officers and leaders. These words reprinted with minor modification are part of the program for the 20th Annual Coast Guard Academy Ethics Forum.

In 1989, the Class of ’48 established an endowment fund, now supplemented by the Class of ’57, “To provide a source of investment income to stimulate and enrich the training of the Corp of Cadets in good citizenship and ethics.”

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