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Driverless Cars: Are we ethical enough to accept our technology?

My dear friend Richard is a driver’s driver. On top of restoring antique cars and belonging to several car clubs, he is constantly taking driving courses and going to road rallies. No, he does not race in the NASCAR circuit, but he is pretty darn good.

He came out with this statement about two years ago: “Most drivers can’t drive.” At the time I had to sit back and scratch my Driverless Carhead. Then I did something most of us are afraid to do; I observed myself, and I observed other drivers.

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Target Data Breach – Ethically where from here?

What were you doing before Christmas or Hanukah of 2013? Shopping at Target perhaps? Chances are you were shopping for presents; if you were shopping in a Target store, chances are strong your credit card was hacked.  Target executives knew about Target Data Breachthe data breach but said nothing.  Ethical?  Well…the bigger ethics question related to the Target Data Breach is where from here?

As you might remember, Target felt so badly about the breach they waited weeks before they told you your credit card might have been hacked. In a rush of corporate conscience, Target has decided to offer the 40 million customers who were inconvenienced or suffered monetary losses up to $10,000 each. It is part of a $10 million settlement to settle a class action lawsuit.

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SKANSKA – A Shining Example of Positive Business Ethics

In this Lindsay Lohan-like drama addicted nation, sometimes it seems business ethics is nothing other than something to fall back on when the red lights are in your rear view mirror or a lawyer in a black cloak bangs a gavel in front of you and a man who can now put their kids through college thanks to our signature. When asked to explain their deeds, many accuse the consistently heightening competition as the reason. However, being at the forefront of the debate on ethics, I am happy to see the moral aspect is not only getting its good name back but having a positive aftermath for both any company that assists this turn for the better as well as the world.

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Financial Incentives to Run an Ethical Business – by Eve Pearce

Business EthicsFinancial Incentives to Run an Ethical Business
There is a common misconception that running businesses in an ethical manner is costly. Some people view it as their moral duty to conduct business ethically but fail to see the benefits that upholding corporate social responsibility can have in terms of increasing profit. In 1988, a study carried out by The Business Roundtable concluded that ethical corporate culture was an essential strategic key to profitability and survival. The association stated that sound practices, purposes and values were the basis for long-term achievement. Since then, a wealth of evidence has been uncovered that supports this claim. Research conducted by DePaul University in Chicago found that companies that have a clearly defined commitment to ethical principles perform better financially in terms of annual sales/ revenues than companies that do not. Similarly, a report issued by the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette shows that companies’ stock prices are lowered for a minimum of half a year when it comes to light that they have engaged in unethical corporate behavior.


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Queen’s School of Business’ corporate social responsibility weekends lay groundwork for future business leaders

The other week, I asked whether business schools were effectively teaching ethics. That question was answered, at least in part, the other day when I spoke at Queen’s School of Business in Kingston, Ontario. In talking with many of the 200-plus students gathered for the Queen’s School of Business’ corporate social responsibility weekends event, I discovered something encouraging: All is not lost on the ethics front.

Queen's School Of Business

Queen’s School Of Business

For the past several years, the university has been holding annual corporate social responsibility weekends. The impetus for these events was the realization, on the part of business faculty leaders, that their department’s educational experience had to go beyond traditional disciplines — accounting, finance, marketing, and management — to encompass a larger concept: Business isn’t just about the production of profit or the satisfaction of shareholders. It’s about contributing to a greater good, which could take a variety of forms: sustainability, environmental protection, and the preservation of human capital, among others.

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