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Child Endangerment: Ethics in our Choices and Consequences

Are laws applied differently when it comes to different professions? How about when it comes to race? These are hard questions and even ugly questions, especially when it applies to the ethical problems we all face in America.  But this is an issue of child endangerment at least, to begin with.  But will go much deeper I promise.

child-endangermentWe need to detail the case of Somchai and Krystin Lisaius, who were recently sentenced to one year’s probation. Somchai and Krystin were “beautiful people.” They were on-air personalities for two different Tucson TV stations.  That was their public life, but behind the scenes – well with little thought child endangerment was in their future.

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7 Ways to Protect Your Kids from On-line Predators

Speaking not long ago at a US District Court, one of the participants shared with me that more and more crimes are committed against children from on-line predators and the rate dramatically rising.  After all, it’s far easier to lure an unsuspecting child into a trap than it is to catch an adult who might be more alert to scams.  Whether it’s a financial predator or a sexual predator, the on-line predatorsFBI acknowledges that by using popular apps such as Kik, Snapchat, ooVoo and Instagram (just to name a few), “tweens” and teens are being targeted at an alarming rate.  Here we’ll discuss 7 ways to protect your kids from on-line predators.

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Bullying – The Destruction of Emilie Olsen

A few weeks ago, we discussed the tragic suicide of Emilie Olsen, a teenaged girl who committed suicide after three years of bullying and physical abuse by students at Fairfield Middle School in Ohio.

The bullying began when she was in the fifth grade and continued unabated into the seventh grade. Emilie Olsen committed Emilie Olsensuicide on December 12, 2014. A lawsuit was filed on December 11, 2015.

To most of us, legal language is boring and long-winded. To read the details of the lawsuit brought by the Olsen family, the lawsuit reads like a three-year nightmare. The longer one reads it, the angrier and more disgusted one gets.

The lawsuit is more than 80 pages long. Yet, three major themes seem to be emerging with increasing clarity.

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When “Confidential” is a Relative Term – Charlize Theron treated unethically!

It isn’t my usual “beat” to look for celebrity news however, actress Charlize Theron has just shown us that anyone can fall prey to poor ethical judgments. In a posting that appeared on eonline (August 8, 2014) by Natalie Finn entitled: “Charlize Theron Adoption Drama: Alabama Judge Who Disclosed Confidential Charlize TheronDetails Banned From the Bench,” we encounter that stars are not immune to the lack of ethics from those around them.

According to Ms. Finn:

“An Alabama judge has been banned for life from the bench in that state after becoming the target of an ethics probe—and one of the allegations against him was that he disclosed confidential details on social media about the Oscar winner’s adoption  of son Jackson back in 2012.”

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SEXTING! Who will teach children to become ethical adults? It may be the courts.

We are in a rather strange time in our human history, I think. Parents, educators and leaders are often approaching the children who grace their lives not from the standpoint as being their mentors or role models, but as their “best friends” or treating them as simply, younger adults. The consequences are sometimes leading to ethically tragic endings.

Cell Phone PicsI am certainly not calling for a return to the good old days when paddles and slaps were used in place of respect, love and common sense but I am (oh horror!) suggesting that children are children and they need guidance. Your 12 year old child is not your best friend; he or she is a child who needs your love and support – and sometimes it must be tough love and guided support. 

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