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Are Companies Doing Enough to Stop Phishing?

We are in the midst of an interesting ethical dilemma. As 2017 is unfolding, more and more of us are getting suckered into opening email attachments that contain malware.  It’s call phishing! Interestingly, the reason so many fall for this unethical scam is due to overconfidence!

The University of Texas at San Antonio has just released a study that essentially states that most of us believe we are smarter than cyber criminals and that we can out-think them. What might really amaze you is that Millennials are more likely than Gen-X or Baby Boomers to get scammed!

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The Banking Industry and Cyber Ethics

How ethical is it when an entire industry is repeatedly warned that its cyber security is lacking, but very little is done about it?  What will the banking industry do to explain the laxity of its security to their customers?  Seems a serious Cyber Ethics question is ever present!

cyber-ethicsThese are two of the important questions the banking industry might very well have to answer in the not too distant future.

Cyber-Safe or Cyber-Ignorant?

There is a messaging system in the banking industry I have just learned about and it is called “SWIFT.” The system connects the world’s banks and feeds them a constant stream of information and enables transfers between banks and the sharing of financial data.

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Ashley Madison and the Ethics of Disclosure!

Want to cheat on your spouse?  According to Ashley Madison, a matchmaking website for cheating on spouses, your indiscretion would not be discovered.  In other words, what they don’t know won’t hurt you (or them).

Ashley MadisonThat concept was true until…as reported in the daily news:

Adultery website Ashley Madison was hacked on Tuesday by a group called “The Impact Team,” who then exposed users of the site by leaking their emails on the Dark Web-which can be accessed via Tor browsers.

Several websites took the leaked information and began creating searchable databases that let anyone type in an email to see if it’s part of the Ashley Madison dump. Some of those websites include Trustify and

Every Choice has a Consequence!

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Fake cellphone towers in the sky: What a Price we pay!

Once upon a time I used to think it was kind of nice to see little Cessna planes “mixing in” with huge jumbo jets at my local airport. Now I am not so sure, and it has nothing to do with safety but with privacy.

DirtboxesIn an article released by Reuters entitled: “U.S. using fake cellphone towers on planes to gather data: WSJ.”

According the article:

“An agency of the U.S. Justice Department is gathering data from thousands of cell phones, including both criminal suspects and innocent Americans, by using fake communications towers on airplanes, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday…The planes use devices made by Boeing Co that mimic the cell phone towers used by major telecommunications companies and trick mobile phones into revealing their unique registration data, the report said.”

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