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Broken Trusts: The Poor Ethical Side of Nursing Homes

There are certain stories that can bring us to our ethical knees; not from gratitude mind you, but from the shock, from the way it can take our ethical breath away. The story by Travis Gettys appeared in U.S. News on October 31, 2014, but it was hardly a Disney Halloween movie.

Palm Gardens Nursing HomeThe article, entitled: “Hidden camera reveals Florida nursing home aides abusing Alzheimer’s patient,” details patient abuse in Winter Haven nursing home, the Palm Gardens Nursing Home. The story begins with a dutiful son.

“Dale Wilson noticed unusual bruising on his 76-year-old father’s arms and legs and reported the injuries. Employees were unable to explain the injuries, so the 53-year-old Wilson set up a ‘nanny camera’ in his father’s room and discovered the women tormenting and hitting the ill man.”

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Lorraine Bayless died! Was the Nurses’ Inaction Ethical?

Lorraine Bayless died!  A nurse observing her gasping for breath called 911 but took no direct action.  The nurse said it was against company policy.  The question I have to ask as an ethics speaker is – was the nurses’ action or inaction ethical?

I remember so vividly years ago in my college biology class, the quote from my professor which at that moment I took as a grain of salt. At his age of 68, he pretentiously quipped, “Life is one of the profound possessions that we take most for granted until it is on the verge of being taken from us.”

“The clock never stops ticking,” he continued, “and nor should our zeal to relish every moment.”

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