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The Return of Eliot Spitzer – Is “I’m Sorry” enough?

Eliot Spitzer wants to return to politics, and if you are a resident of New York City, and you have the ability to vote.  Mr. Spitzer would like you to vote for him Eliot Spitzerfor comptroller. In formally announcing his attempt at a return to the public arena on July 8, 2013, he needs to collect about 3,800 signatures in just three days to put him on the ballot. I wouldn’t bet against him having the required number way ahead of schedule.  One question is – what are the ethical ramifications regarding his return to politics?

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Ethics Mr. Weiner? My What a Tangled Web We Weave when we Tweet our wiener and then Deceive!

Ethics Mr. Weiner Scandal: There are times when actions taken defy explanations!  This is the case with “the talented Mr. Weiner” – oops…that should read “the lying Mr. Weiner!”  First you tweet a picture of your wiener (covered up of course) and then you try to cover it up?  What?  This is beyond a Comedy Central South Park script.  Only in real life can  you find something this bizarre!

Mr. Weiner scandal

Mr. Weiner scandal.

From the movie Porkys (with minor modification): “I can identify that wiener,” yet early on Mr. Weiner was challenged with clearly recognizing who’s wiener was in the tweeted picture.

Sensational?  Yes!  Worthy of this blog – well only in a few ways.

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