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Why Do Smart People Make Bad Choices? Ethics Lapses and Emotional Triggers:

Human beings will have lapses of judgement – that’s just part of human nature.  But the question I often hear is why do smart people make bad choices?  And when they do what are the consequences?

In an article in it was reported that Assistant U.S. Attorney Mignonne Griffing of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Louisiana had a secret romance with a married FBI agent and failed to tell her bosses or defense counsel in two high-profile cases about her love interest.  Now, to be clear, when a person ceases to think from the rational part of their brain (yes this is fundamental brain science) they tend to rationalize their behavior and hence go to fight of flight mode of decision making.  That leads to consequences that are unpleasant at best and can be down right devastating.  Why do smart people make bad choices – most of the time there is an emotional trigger.  But before getting to that here’s the back story as reported in

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When Reality TV Meets Really Bad Ethics: Ask Travell Thomas

Travell Thomas could arguably be one of the best poker players in the world, but when it comes to unethical behavior, he is a world class champion. This scandal could also be named: When Reality TV Meets Really Bad Ethics.

when-reality-tv-meets-really-bad-ethicsIf you are a fan of the World Series of Poker (I said, if), Mr. Thomas could ring a bell with you. He won first prize in the televised tournament. He was the darling of the poker world with his larger than life personality and outlandish hats.

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Fraud: Is Your Business at Risk?

Reverend Bobby thought it a bit strange when his wife, with her hand cupped over the phone, said that Sargent Willis was on the line and had some questions. Sargent Willis wasn’t a member of his congregation and the last time he could remember he had fraud-is-your-business-at-risknever had any cause for the police to want to ask him questions. He thought, “Did I run a red light and a traffic cam catch me,” he wondered.  His question led to a surprising outcome which raises the question about Fraud: Is Your Business at Risk?

The Shock Of A Collapsing Illusion

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Finding a Job following a Felony Conviction: There is Hope!

I am tired and weary of people who have climbed into the “Wambulance” of victimhood and own that experience as a mantra – a badge as to why they aren’t finding the success in life they want – it’s time to BS.  Finding a job following a felony conviction is hard – that is true – but it is possible.  I’ve done it and you can too!

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Jon Ruggles and Poor Financial Ethics at Delta Airlines

When there is no oversight associated with an important corporate function, sooner or later poor decision making or unethical behavior is bound to occur. This fact was reaffirmed just this past week with Delta Airlines and the man who was in charge with the important fuel hedging program, Jon Ruggles.

Delta Airlines As there was apparently little to no oversight, Ruggles set up a personal commodities trading account for jet fuel, alongside the huge corporate trading account he ran for Delta. When major corporate traders such as a multi-billion dollar airline take a position in any commodity it naturally affects the prices of that commodity. It is, after all, a supply and demand scenario.

Though the trades actually took place in 2011 and 2012, the final disposition of the case didn’t occur until September 2016.

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The Banking Industry and Cyber Ethics

How ethical is it when an entire industry is repeatedly warned that its cyber security is lacking, but very little is done about it?  What will the banking industry do to explain the laxity of its security to their customers?  Seems a serious Cyber Ethics question is ever present!

cyber-ethicsThese are two of the important questions the banking industry might very well have to answer in the not too distant future.

Cyber-Safe or Cyber-Ignorant?

There is a messaging system in the banking industry I have just learned about and it is called “SWIFT.” The system connects the world’s banks and feeds them a constant stream of information and enables transfers between banks and the sharing of financial data.

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5 Ways to Create a Culture of Ethics in Your Company

To create a culture of ethics in your company can be seen аѕ аbѕtrасt аnd tоugh to mеаѕurе. It’s more thаn all thоѕе саrеfullу drafted соrроrаtе values ѕtаtеmеntѕ аnd еthiсѕ соdеѕ— practically it’ѕ thе way thingѕ work. Workplace сulturе inсludеѕ hоw еmрlоуееѕ drеѕѕ, hоw they work with customers, how they perform their job, аnd hоw they intеrасt with thеir supervisors. It bеginѕ with made ѕtаndаrdѕ оf conduct thаt are well соnсеivеd, саrеfullу сrаftеd аnd еffесtivеlу imрlеmеntеd. Be that as it may, to bе mеаningful, wе require more thаn mеrе lip ѕеrviсе tо moral qualities. Create a culture of ethicsOrgаnizаtiоnѕ with ѕtrоng moral social orders gain ground tо еnѕurе that thеir ѕtаndаrdѕ аrе extensively accessible, progressed аnd took after bу thеir lеаdеrѕ аnd еmрlоуееѕ.

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Influencing Ethical Behavior: 4 Levers that Create an Ethical Culture

The program for a major multinational insurance company was complete when the invitation was issued to join the senior management team for lunch and a debrief.  Didn’t know that was in the works, but I was quite open to the opportunity.  As we gathered the meeting was opened to pepper me with questions regarding creating an ethical culture.  The second question asked related to influencing ethical behavior.  “What mechanisms do you see companies using to have a positive impact on influencing ethical behavior among employees?”  The answer was simple and often what is Influencing Ethical Behaviorobvious is what is often missed.

“There are four practical levers that create the foundation for an ethical culture,” I responded and from there we had an interactive lunch that was inspiring.

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Law Enforcement Ethics, Free Speech and Social Media

Let’s take a moment and review law enforcement ethics. Here are three statements one of which is not true, care to guess which one?  I am entitled to my opinion.  I have the liberty to express my opinion.  Because of my liberty to express my opinion, there will be no consequence to such expressed opinion.  Oh, and these statements all apply to law enforcement officials.

Law Enforcement EthicsEvery choice has a consequence.  And, if you express your opinion on social media publicly and assume no consequence you are woefully misguided.  Like it or not, you are not free to express your liberty of free speech on social media and assume that there will be no consequence.  Below you will find examples of law enforcement ethics in action.

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Association Ethics Failure: Former SEANC chief Dana Cope’s story

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