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Olympics in Rio – Was that an Ethical Choice?

Last weekend, two members of Australia’s Paralympic team were robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro. This is just ahead of the Summer Olympic Games which are running from August 5 to August 21.  To respond to the history of violence of the city, it is estimated that the country will have close to 85,000 police officers and soldiers patrolling the streets. It is no secret that Rio can be a vicious city. Undoubtedly, each team plus the Olympic dignitaries will have their own security. In addition, we can imagine the hotels, popular restaurants and similar venues having their Olympics in Rioown guards “just in case.” Rio could well turn into an armed camp.  With the Olympics in Rio my  question is: Was that location an ethical choice?

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Lack of Ethics in Local Government – Fraud in Beaumont California

There must be hidden halls within the labyrinth of government where city, state and federal officials ask themselves, “Why don’t they like us? Why don’t they trust us?”  Yet too often we find a lack of ethics in local government.  It’s no wonder that local and state governments are calling often to inquire about effective ethics training.  Too many times the lack of ethics in local government has terrible consequences.

Notwithstanding the perception among many that our nation has developed a “political class,” is the notion that given the chance, our elected and appointed officials will find a way to take advantage of us. When there is a foul-up, others in government will point to those “fouling up” and say, “Well, that’s an isolated case.” Is it really so isolated?

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Governmental Ethics: Food Stamp Fraud in Greenville, SC

When is it acceptable to defraud our next door neighbors? The expected answer is never. Why would we wish to cheat our neighbors? Well, suppose they lived a half-mile away and we didn’t know their names? Some of us might ask, what is it we’re Governmental Ethicstalking about? Governmental ethics is in play here with food stamp fraud in Greenville, SC.

Well, maybe what we’re talking about is an erroneously delivered newspaper. We might not think that’s so bad, or how about holding onto a 20% off coupon mailed to the wrong address? That might not be so “tragic,” but how would we feel if our next door neighbor, or even the neighbor three blocks away stole several thousands of dollar’s worth of food stamp benefits? Suppose the food stamp benefits were intended for flood victims? Suppose, even further, that those neighbors who stole the food stamps intended for the flood victims didn’t have so much as a drop of water enter their basements? Would it bother us or would we think, “Oh well, it’s just government money!”

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Unethical Scam in San Clemente Water Park Project

Fraud can come in numerous ways, but always at the heart of it is an opportunity for the unethical to commit a crime in a situation where no checks, balances or expectations in place.  The San Clemente Water Park Project, a water park and miniature golf course, was the kind of investment that was easy to understand, and appealed to most everyone. Who doesn’t like to travel San Clemente Water Park Projectdown a water slide?

The problem was that the water park never got built, and indeed there was no plan to build it. The four partners involved in the scheme collected more than a million dollars from unsuspecting investors and then they spent the money on themselves. The four pleaded not guilty, of course, and they could each face anywhere from 16 to 24 years for their fraud.

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The Ethical Politics of Coal – time for a dialogue

No one, it seems, likes coal, starting with the White House. In fact, there is a new set of EPA regulations that have been designed to phase out America’s coal-burning power plants. Is this a good thing? Given the current technology, possibly. I put a qualifier on the statement because it would seem we are a nation possessed with designing better video games, WiFi and cell phone design Coal Power Plantthan in finding a new generation of efficient coal burning technology, or converting waste into energy or improving solar power so that it is practical and not a show case item.  Enter the politics of coal.

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The Ethics of Government Waste!

It is time, once again, to review the ways in which taxpayer money has been wasted over the past year. These kinds of stories happen with a time-honored predictability and regularity that staggers the imagination.  Government Waste has become so common place that it’s hard to get people excited about changing such unethical behavior.

Government WasteIn an article by Martin Matishak for AgoFiscal Times entitled, “Solar Powered Beer? 8 Ridiculous Ways the Government Wastes Your Money,” yet another politician, Sen. James Lankford (R-OK), held a press conference on November 30, 2015 decrying government waste.

“People want their government to be efficient. That’s a reasonable thing to do. This is not a matter of cutting, this is identifying things that are not federal priorities or finding things that should be done better by a state or things that would be wasteful,” Lankford said during a Capitol Hill press conference.

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Corrections Employees Sentenced to Prison for Theft?

Tammi Stephens, Daynna Gregory, & Richard Cantrell – Corrections employees have been sentenced to federal prison for stealing victims’ restitution money.  The funds were supposedly controlled by the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDOC), where Stephens and Gregory formerly worked Corrections Employees face Prisonin its banking department.

It appears that these Corrections Employees – Tammi Stephens, Daynna Gregory and Richard Cantrell – were all idiots for thinking that this scheme would ever have a chance of working.

What were they thinking?

You work in the prison on the right side of the bars and think that somehow you’re going to get by with stealing from money that’s supposed to go to victims of inmates?  I’m baffled…  So you think it makes sense to steal again from victims who have already been harmed.  Really? Karma…oh well!

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Starbucks “Red Cups” in the Age of Outrage – Who Cares?

For the sake of transparency, I do not own one penny’s worth of Starbucks stock. I am also the type of guy who visits most any kind of coffee shop if I have the urge, or I’ll drink most any cup of hotel or convention center coffee and be just fine with it.  But this is a bit ridiculous – Starbucks “Red Cups” in the Age of Outrage – my question is really who cares?

I know that every day, millions of people file into Starbucks shops for coffee concoctions. In fact, stock analysts estimate the international chain gets about 8 million visits a day. That’s a lot of coffee, and it’s a lot of cups.

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Ethics in Government – It’s Simple to Slide Down the Slippery Slope

Seven employees have received written warnings and three department heads got one-day unpaid suspensions, according to newly released records into an ongoing investigation into ethics violations at Delray Beach City Hall.  This is Ethics in Government in action!

Ethics in GovernmentAccording to a SunSentinel article by Marisa Gottesman (the full article is here):

The city began an inquiry earlier this year after an audit revealed that city employees or their relatives allegedly violated ethics laws over a period of at least nine years. The audit, conducted by an outside firm, determined employees allegedly were profiting off city contracts in their private businesses while working for the city.

As a result of the city’s subsequent investigation:

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Dana Cope Charged with Fraud against State Employees Association of NC

What happens when the unethical director of a nonprofit agency goes unsupervised? It could result in fraud amounting to more than a half million dollars.

Dana CopeIn an article by journalist Dan Kane appearing The News & Observer (August 3, 2015) entitled: “Former SEANC director Dana Cope to face felony charges,” we learn of the unethical going’s on of Dana Cope.

“Dana Cope, the former longtime head of the 55,000-member State Employees Association of North Carolina, was indicted Monday on felony charges that he took $570,000 of the organization’s money and spent it on flight lessons, landscaping, home appliances, vacations and other unauthorized purchases.”

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