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5 Ways to Create a Culture of Ethics in Your Company

To create a culture of ethics in your company can be seen аѕ аbѕtrасt аnd tоugh to mеаѕurе. It’s more thаn all thоѕе саrеfullу drafted соrроrаtе values ѕtаtеmеntѕ аnd еthiсѕ соdеѕ— practically it’ѕ thе way thingѕ work. Workplace сulturе inсludеѕ hоw еmрlоуееѕ drеѕѕ, hоw they work with customers, how they perform their job, аnd hоw they intеrасt with thеir supervisors. It bеginѕ with made ѕtаndаrdѕ оf conduct thаt are well соnсеivеd, саrеfullу сrаftеd аnd еffесtivеlу imрlеmеntеd. Be that as it may, to bе mеаningful, wе require more thаn mеrе lip ѕеrviсе tо moral qualities. Create a culture of ethicsOrgаnizаtiоnѕ with ѕtrоng moral social orders gain ground tо еnѕurе that thеir ѕtаndаrdѕ аrе extensively accessible, progressed аnd took after bу thеir lеаdеrѕ аnd еmрlоуееѕ.

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Should Executives of Publicly-Traded Companies Undergo Ethics Training?

All too often, those of us who invest are disconnected from a certain aspect of the investment process: we rarely know anything about the executives of the company in which we have placed our trust. We look at numbers, stock performance, historical highs and lows and many other facets, but other than a paragraph or two in the annual report or a slick photograph, what do we know of the individuals who run the company?  The question is should executives of Publicly-Traded Companies undergo ethics training?

Ethics Training ChipolteIt is true, that we automatically may assume the executives of a “successful” company are brilliant or star marketers or are amazing tacticians, but we have all seen companies who have succeeded in spite of management or simply as the result of being at the right place at the right time.  How many execs undergo ethics training?

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Race Relation Ethics and the “Needed Discussion”

Ethics is not about taking the easy road, but rather about taking the right road. At this moment our country is reeling. Black on white, white on black; there is finger pointing everywhere. There is fear. Violence erupts, and God help us, there is serious injury and death. Now is the time to interject an intelligent dialogue into race relation ethics.

Race Relation EthicsOn all sides, within each side, messages are blared to us and at us by a collection of activists, politicians, social media gurus, law enforcement officials, community leaders and “personalities” ranging from actors to musicians to media talking heads who have made their living off of racial tension. It seems that many of them have no real concern over race relation ethics. Rather, they vie for attention for self-promotion.

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SHRM: 3 Ways to Make Your Ethics Training Effective

The best question I received from a participant in my recent Ethics session at #SHRM16 was: “How can we make our ethics training effective?”  After the public presentation, she struck up a conversation sharing that while the company is committed to a culture of ethical action, most of the training is done either by attorney’s (teaching what not to do) or by the training staff that has 3 Ways to Make Ethics Training Effectiveno in-depth knowledge of human behavior.  As a result, she said, “Most of our employees come to think of ethics training as ‘boring!'”  That’s the reason that it’s important to recognize the 3 ways to make your ethics training effective.

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Is Ethics Training Important – Just ask Johnny Manziel and Martin Shkreli

Ethical training is as relevant and important for those in business as in sports; as meaningful for a professional football quarterback as for the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. To illustrate my point, let’s talk about the lives of Johnny and Martin. I don’t know if these two men have ever met, but they certainly have a great deal in common.  And the question we must ask is ethics training Important?

Is Ethics Training ImportantIt was Martin Shkreli, former head of Turing Pharmaceuticals who was ordered to testify in front of Congress last February. The congress people specifically wanted to ask Shkreli why he would take a $13.50 pill and raise the per pill price to $750.00, an increase of more than 5,550 percent. Not only has he shown no remorse, he smirked at the panel that was looking into the drug prices.

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Ethics in Education: Who Teaches Our Educators a Sense of Ethics?

Last week, we discussed a case where principals took huge bribes, and in the past we have talked about improper behavior among teachers. This week, I must turn my attention to para-professionals.  This case is an issue of ethics in education.

The case in question involves a video taken of a mental health para-professional in Brooklyn, New York who punched an 11 Ethics in Educationyear-old autistic boy in the school cafeteria in the summer of 2014. The boy allegedly made a racial remark.

I need to stop at this point and say that no one is as adamantly opposed to racism in any form as am I. It is abhorrent to me. However, in this particular case, I am not so certain what we are looking at is racism so much as a lack of training for a very difficult job and a lack of compassion for what these people go through on a daily basis.

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Melissa Click’s Strange World of Journalism

College campuses have typically encouraged or at least fostered environments conducive to free thinking and the exploration of new ideas and philosophies. While these attitudes may have caused a lot of head scratching in the past, lately we have seen not only examples of on campus racism and anti-Semitism (and even their fostering), but great hypocrisy as well. Troubling to this observation is when professors play a dangerous game where they take unethical sides and insert themselves into a process where Melissa Clickdispassion is called for rather than passion.  Just ask Melissa Click who is at the center of ethical controversy.

An article appeared online in NBC News regarding a professor at the University of Missouri. The piece entitled: “University of Missouri Fires Professor Melissa Click After Scuffle With Reporter,” by Elizabeth Chuck (February 26, 2016), is illustrative of this highly unethical insertion.

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CFP Ethics Training – Some Rules Don’t make Sense!

Some years back Barclays contacted me about recording special training for Certified Financial Planners.  They wanted to offer Ethics Training for free through their iShares brand recognizing their commitment to ethical behavior in the financial services arena.  Their thought, provide the “required” training for free – what better way to demonstrate their commitment to ethical CFP Ethics Trainingbehavior.  The project was approved by the appropriate authorities and together we created some pretty dog gone good training – at least that’s the feedback we received.

Great Concept but then something changed and not for the better when it comes to CFP Ethics Training!

While the guiding ethical principles for Certified Financial Planners has not changed, the requirements for who is eligible to present these standards has and that, for me is the rub.

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Is Business Ethics Training Important?

While some would argue profits or return to shareholders is the most important function of a business enterprise, I would suggest that one of the most important qualities that people look for in any organization is ethical behavior. You will have no business if you ignore the value of treating your customers as your most valuable asset.  Most organizations, if they are honest, want to be Business Ethics Trainingable to assure their customers that their business is appreciated and that they will always be treated fairly.  Hence business ethics training is a critical component of most highly successful businesses.

Here are a few easy tips to follow when it comes to business ethics.

Business Ethics Should Exist in All Levels of Business

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Attorneys Disciplined for Unethical Choices

It never starts big – at least that’s true in the majority of cases.  Yet, regardless of the profession there are consistent and continuous examples of people who have been trained and know better making dumb stupid choices that have some unintended consequences!  Here we have examples of attorneys disciplined for unethical choices.

Attorneys Unethical ChoicesEvery choice has a consequence and the following are some examples of choices that likely didn’t get the outcome that they might have wanted when first made.

In an article by the Daily Business Review author Celia Ampel shares that the Florida Supreme Court has disciplined eight South Florida attorneys, including two who were disbarred.

The information that I found most interesting were the following from Celia’s article:

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