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When Reality TV Meets Really Bad Ethics: Ask Travell Thomas

Travell Thomas could arguably be one of the best poker players in the world, but when it comes to unethical behavior, he is a world class champion. This scandal could also be named: When Reality TV Meets Really Bad Ethics.

when-reality-tv-meets-really-bad-ethicsIf you are a fan of the World Series of Poker (I said, if), Mr. Thomas could ring a bell with you. He won first prize in the televised tournament. He was the darling of the poker world with his larger than life personality and outlandish hats.

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The Banking Industry and Cyber Ethics

How ethical is it when an entire industry is repeatedly warned that its cyber security is lacking, but very little is done about it?  What will the banking industry do to explain the laxity of its security to their customers?  Seems a serious Cyber Ethics question is ever present!

cyber-ethicsThese are two of the important questions the banking industry might very well have to answer in the not too distant future.

Cyber-Safe or Cyber-Ignorant?

There is a messaging system in the banking industry I have just learned about and it is called “SWIFT.” The system connects the world’s banks and feeds them a constant stream of information and enables transfers between banks and the sharing of financial data.

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Automotive Ethics: Most of Us (Still) Don’t Trust Car Dealers

Most of us (still) don’t trust car dealers. New or used, we just don’t like them, but why? We might add that the automotive industry is finally taking notice because, maybe, they have no other choice but to take notice.  Automotive ethics, based on consumer sentiment, needs repair.

Automotive EthicsEighty or ninety years ago, when your great grandparents first trudged into the horseless buggy dealer, they soon realized a truth that would perpetuate itself for decades: no one ever knew how the dealerships priced its products. Second, were the myriads of “dirty tricks,” ranging from “losing the keys” to your car to make you haggle to abrasive, bullying sales people.

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Paul Burks Ponzi Scheme Mastermind Convicted!

One million clients and a $800 million pyramid scheme – the common thread is one Paul Burks who was convicted in Charlotte NC for his involvement in a worldwide Ponzi scheme.  Burks was convicted on four counts of fraud and conspiracy.

Paul Burk Ponzi SchemeAccording to reports in the Charlotte Observer:

Prosecutors say Paul Burks, a former country music disc jockey and retirement home magician, pocketed more than $10 million during 2011 alone. He is charged with mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit tax fraud in connection with one of the largest Ponzi schemes in U.S. history.  Federal prosecutors said Burks misled tens of thousands of his clients – including 50,000 North Carolinians – into investing in ZeekRewards, a short-lived, online marketing scheme that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in 2011-12.

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Race Relation Ethics and the “Needed Discussion”

Ethics is not about taking the easy road, but rather about taking the right road. At this moment our country is reeling. Black on white, white on black; there is finger pointing everywhere. There is fear. Violence erupts, and God help us, there is serious injury and death. Now is the time to interject an intelligent dialogue into race relation ethics.

Race Relation EthicsOn all sides, within each side, messages are blared to us and at us by a collection of activists, politicians, social media gurus, law enforcement officials, community leaders and “personalities” ranging from actors to musicians to media talking heads who have made their living off of racial tension. It seems that many of them have no real concern over race relation ethics. Rather, they vie for attention for self-promotion.

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Pokémon Go – Is American Losing Touch with Reality?

It is easy to blame the misuse of crazes such as Pokémon Go on many factors. We can wring our hands and blame software developers or kids, bad parenting and educational systems, insensitivity or the digital media. I will blame the misuse on a lack of Pokemon Go - American Ethics.jpgethics that runs through the core of America. We are rapidly losing our touch with reality.

Pokémon Go is a highly interactive game targeted towards adolescents and teens. Is it addictive? I would hate to blame Pokémon Go alone. There are a myriad of digital distractions that have consumed adolescents and teens, but I might also make a good argument that the world has become so consumed with staring into little screens as a greater and greater percentage of our existence that many of us are now inside our screens looking out.

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Law Enforcement Ethics, Free Speech and Social Media

Let’s take a moment and review law enforcement ethics. Here are three statements one of which is not true, care to guess which one?  I am entitled to my opinion.  I have the liberty to express my opinion.  Because of my liberty to express my opinion, there will be no consequence to such expressed opinion.  Oh, and these statements all apply to law enforcement officials.

Law Enforcement EthicsEvery choice has a consequence.  And, if you express your opinion on social media publicly and assume no consequence you are woefully misguided.  Like it or not, you are not free to express your liberty of free speech on social media and assume that there will be no consequence.  Below you will find examples of law enforcement ethics in action.

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Olympics in Rio – Was that an Ethical Choice?

Last weekend, two members of Australia’s Paralympic team were robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro. This is just ahead of the Summer Olympic Games which are running from August 5 to August 21.  To respond to the history of violence of the city, it is estimated that the country will have close to 85,000 police officers and soldiers patrolling the streets. It is no secret that Rio can be a vicious city. Undoubtedly, each team plus the Olympic dignitaries will have their own security. In addition, we can imagine the hotels, popular restaurants and similar venues having their Olympics in Rioown guards “just in case.” Rio could well turn into an armed camp.  With the Olympics in Rio my  question is: Was that location an ethical choice?

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Lack of Ethics in Local Government – Fraud in Beaumont California

There must be hidden halls within the labyrinth of government where city, state and federal officials ask themselves, “Why don’t they like us? Why don’t they trust us?”  Yet too often we find a lack of ethics in local government.  It’s no wonder that local and state governments are calling often to inquire about effective ethics training.  Too many times the lack of ethics in local government has terrible consequences.

Notwithstanding the perception among many that our nation has developed a “political class,” is the notion that given the chance, our elected and appointed officials will find a way to take advantage of us. When there is a foul-up, others in government will point to those “fouling up” and say, “Well, that’s an isolated case.” Is it really so isolated?

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Legal Ethics: When Unethical Litigation Runs Rampant

In the world of strange litigation, the legal profession seems to have an affinity to McDonald’s. In this latest case, the profession might possibly be striking a new low.  Legal ethics seems to be run amuck here with the crazy approaches that some lawyers take.

Legal Ethics McDonaldsAs most of us by now realize, fast food restaurants have drive-thru windows. This is hardly a unique scientific discovery. In fact, I would surmise pretty much every fast food restaurant has a drive-thru window except for those where you park the car and someone on roller skates rolls up to you.

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