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Behind the Scenes at the George Zimmerman trial – An Ethics Challenge Unnoticed! Ben Kruidbos fired!

As I write this post, the verdict has been announced in the George Zimmerman trial and the tragic events that occurred in Florida . Divides in America have been made a little deeper and a little wider. It is all sad and no one has really won. Ben KruidbosHowever there is another story that is emerging from the tragedy; a story that speaks to ethics and one that has been steamrolled.  Let us discuss a man who worked as a director in the IT department of the Florida State Attorney General’s office; these are the individuals who prosecuted the case.


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The Ethics of Apple Pie!

In August of 2011, Congress passed the Budget Control Act. Though the budget numbers are staggering, well into the trillions of dollars, the essence of the deal was simple. The 2011 agreement allowed the debt ceiling to be raised twice in 2011 to avoid a government shutdown –and then the good folks we send to Washington, D.C. further agreed to reduce spending money in 2013. According to Jeanne Sahadi writing for CNN Money, August 2, 2011, the spending reduction called for $2.1 trillion in spending cuts over the next decade.  This is our Congress in action leading “ethically” and kicking the can down the street in order to avoid the pain of fixing the problem we all face.  As a business ethics speaker, I have to say, “I expected better!”ethics

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The Great American Ponzi Scheme! Is Bernie Madoff any different than our Government?

American Ponzi Scheme

American Ponzi Scheme.

American Ponzi Scheme: Wouldn’t it be nice to share some good news?  I’d like to think as we enter this new decade that we could learn from the past and move boldly into the future with the assurance of a bright tomorrow.  Well, tomorrow may not be so bright if we don’t stop and look at our choices.

Every choice has a consequence!  I say that often as I address groups around the nation on ethics and ethical choices. From my perspective it seems that we, as a nation, are facing a serious ethical quandary.  Do we continue the rabid spending that has defined this past decade or do we accept the responsibility for where we are and elect to live within our means?

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