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Still Struggling With Debt? Here Are Some Easy Ways To Help

Guest blog by Connor Christopher about Debt reduction.

Unfortunately with high inflation and rising living cost it is difficult not to get into debt now days. Paying off debt that you have accumulated over the past years can be a long and hard struggle. Debt can affect all aspects of your life but there are some easy Erasing Debtways to help if you are struggling with debt.

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Medicare Fraud: What’s Motivating the Increase?

Medicare fraud is a very real problem and one that is affecting every American citizen, regardless of whether or not they make use of Medicare services. This is summed up by the Director of the FBI, James B. Comey, who stated in a testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee at the beginning of the month that: “We have witnessed an increase in health care fraud in recent years, including Medicare/Medicaid fraud, pharmaceutical fraud, and illegal medical billing practices. Health care spending currently makes up about 18 percent of our nation’s total economy. Medicare FraudThese large sums present an attractive target for criminals. Health care fraud is not a victimless crime. Every person who pays for health care benefits, every business that pays higher insurance costs to cover their employees, and every taxpayer who funds Medicare is a victim.”

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Mentally Tough Woman: An Ongoing Story – By Pegine Echevarria

A guest blog by Pegine Echevarria, MSW, CSP

If there is one thing I know for sure it is being and becoming mentally tough is an ongoing story. Facing challenges and overcoming the odds is, at least for me, a day in and day out process.

2015At any given moment, it is easy to give up and wimp out. At any given moment there are tons of reasons, many rational and logical to be soft, subservient, and self-sacrificing. Often there are life affirming excuses, created in our heads, to give up and accept all as it is, this is life, isn’t it?

These include taking care of the kids, the elders, the relationship, and the needy. Constantly giving or sacrificing self for others makes me ticked because the internal dialogue keeps droning on in a low, deep message.

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5 Things to Know About White Collar Crime

Ethical transgressions manifest in a number of ways, including outright criminal behavior tied to an offender’s professional conduct within an organization. As one might expect; power and financial gain are common motivating forces prompting employees to go rogue. To many onlookers, however, white collar crime White Collar Crimecannot be easily rationalized. After all, many white collar criminals are already rich, so Middle America has a hard time relating to their drive to use fraudulent schemes to rein-in even bigger profits.

Each case is unique, but recent ethical meltdowns across financial industries have brought high-profile cases to the public eye, prompting a general sense of mistrust among casual observers. The fact is; individuals account for ethical missteps, so sweeping generalizations don’t always hold true. There are common features present in many stories of white collar crime, however, including the following observations about white collar crime.

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Always Being Right! – A Guest Blog by Mark Given

A Guest Blog by my friend and professional speaker – Mark Given
Mark GivenMy good friend Doug Wiggins was speaking at a program last Saturday when he made a statement about relationships and marriage that is really wise and amazingly accurate.
Doug said………..
“Being right is far less important than being happy”.
I immediately wrote it down, Googled the quote to see if it was borrowed (it wasn’t), and thanked Doug personally for sharing that great thought.
Treating family and friends (especially our spouse) with the dignity and respect they deserve sometimes eludes even the best of us.
I need to do better and ALWAYS live this principle.
Maybe YOU should too?
Here are 5 steps to help us embrace happiness as opposed to always being right.
1. Empathy – When someone stumps their toe, don’t laugh. Bite your lip and show some empathy. Why make the small injury sting even more. It wasn’t funny when you did it, why do we think it’s funny when someone else does?
2. Time – If you’re always in a hurry, maybe it’s time to slow down a little. Everyone else is not on your schedule. Make your priority more clear and schedule in a cushion. Change your mindset and you’ll change your stress level.
3. Memory – Isn’t it funny how we don’t remember things the way everybody else does? Why argue about it. Let them remember their way and you remember yours. Unless you’re standing in front of a judge, little harm is likely to come of the difference.
4. Kindness – The Law of Reciprocity kicks in here with a twist. We really should pass along every act of kindness quickly, even immediately to the next random person that comes along. It doesn’t always have to be (and probably shouldn’t be) segmented into a personal score for every person you know.  We choose happiness (and experience more joy) when we choose to not keep individual scores.
5. Appearance – Your style is yours, my style is mine, and we just can’t help commenting on who gets it best. Remember the kid in school who dressed different? If it was you, those comments stung. If would benefit our world (and our happiness) to stop judging.
That’s my five and it’s probably just a good start. The way I see it, we could all be a little better. But then, I’m always right!

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The Government Shutdown Aftermath: What Are The Ethical Implications?

A guest blog by Dave Landry, Jr.

Even though the recent government shutdown ended on October 17 when President Obama signed the Congress-passed bill, many questions linger in the aftermath of the near-crisis: Did Obamacare play a significant role in this shutdown, or was it merely a pawn of partisan politics? If the bill had not been passed by Congress and signed by President Obama, what would have happened to the debt ceiling? Would the country have defaulted, throwing the economy into disarray?

CongressOn October 16, Congress voted  to approve a budget compromise that ended a tense political standoff that had shut down federal programs for 16 days—leaving hundreds of thousands of federal workers in temporary furlough. Narrowly averting a default that would have seriously damaged a slowly recovering U.S. economy, as well as lead to downturns in economies around the world, the bill allows the United States Treasury to continue borrowing to pay the nation’s debts.

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