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Are Elite Colleges Being Ethical?

Elite Colleges have come under a lot of scrutiny lately. There are issues of free speech, political unrest and campus violence that have dominated the news, especially when speakers with different views attempt to speak. This is not an issue we feel is our role to tackle. However, another topic has recently come to light that while passing under the radar talks to the very essence of what education should/should not be about.  So are elite colleges being ethical?

Should elite colleges make a profit? We are often told that the astronomical tuitions are necessary to cover the cost of an education. This may not always be the case. In addition to that argument, is one of who should be entitled to an education? Should an elite education only be the domain of elite, rich people?

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Strange Ethics Afoot at UC – Davis

The weight of ethics has finally come down on the administration of Linda Katehi, chancellor of the University of California, Davis. The embattled chancellor has been battling with faculty and students since 2011 and the infamous campus police pepper spray incident. The students were sprayed because they were protesting against “Wall Street.”  There seems to be strange ethics afoot at UC – Davis.

Strange EthicsWhat launched the ethics probe was a series of questionable decisions by Katehi. Going back to the pepper spraying of students, there was allegedly $175,000 in payments to social media/public relations consultants to minimize any negative publicity. Initially, the chancellor claimed she had nothing to do with the PR cover-up, but it turned out that she did.  Again strange ethics…

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Melissa Click’s Strange World of Journalism

College campuses have typically encouraged or at least fostered environments conducive to free thinking and the exploration of new ideas and philosophies. While these attitudes may have caused a lot of head scratching in the past, lately we have seen not only examples of on campus racism and anti-Semitism (and even their fostering), but great hypocrisy as well. Troubling to this observation is when professors play a dangerous game where they take unethical sides and insert themselves into a process where Melissa Clickdispassion is called for rather than passion.  Just ask Melissa Click who is at the center of ethical controversy.

An article appeared online in NBC News regarding a professor at the University of Missouri. The piece entitled: “University of Missouri Fires Professor Melissa Click After Scuffle With Reporter,” by Elizabeth Chuck (February 26, 2016), is illustrative of this highly unethical insertion.

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Is the American Dream Dead? The Ethics of Educational Despair

The results of the Harvard University (IOP Poll) conducted in the Fall of 2015 and released December 10, 2015, revealed that among Millennials about half believe that the American Dream is dead. It is a split that is rather surprising and disturbing.
Is the American Dream Dead or have we sacrificed that dream for different expectations?

American Dream DeadAccording to the study:

While no significant difference was found based on race or ethnicity (whites – 49% said ‘alive;’ African-Americans – 44% said ‘alive; Hispanics – 52% said “alive”), respondents’ level of education did play a role.  Nearly six-in-ten (58%) college graduates said the American Dream was alive for them personally, compared to only 42% of those not in college/never enrolled in college saying the same.”

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Michael Deng: Death from Hazing – Fraternity Ethics

Whenever there is a tragedy regarding a fraternity or sorority hazing incident (yes, sororities as well), there is the invariable call for the end of the “Greek System.” We would disagree with such a rash move. On numerous campuses, fraternities and sororities do good and not harm, they teach social skills and networking and contribute to college life.

Michael DengHowever, I also know that our society has radically changed over the years. A young man of 19 in a college fraternity today, bears little in common with a student in 1941; a student facing the prospect of going off to war or having to help support his family. We ask relatively little of young men and women today and unfortunately, expectations are often set very low, especially when it comes to ethical behavior.

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The State of Journalism Might Be in Virginia

This humble little blog, and our sister blog,, do not pretend to be the editorial department of The New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. Nevertheless, we strive to give credit to other writers, exactly quote articles and to bring in experts who really are experts. Our roots are based in ethics and ethical behavior.

Rolling StoneWe are also not Rolling Stone magazine, and we’re thankful for that.

The story reaches back to a story that Rolling Stone wrote on an alleged gang rape of a young woman named “Jackie,” that took place at Psi Kappa Phi fraternity in the fall of 2012. The 9,000 word story went into great detail about what happened to the young woman – as told by the young woman – and it brought down the University of Virginia’s “Greek System.” There is only one small problem: the article is not true.

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Better than Fiction: 43 Dartmouth Students Caught Cheating in an Ethics Class

No matter how many times I believe I have “heard everything unethical,” something comes along to take it to new heights.

DartmouthDartmouth College, that prestigious bastion of learning of the Ivy League, offers a course entitled: “Sports, Ethics and Religion.” It is a popular course and as a matter of fact, Dartmouth religion professor Randall Balmer, has 272 students who have signed up to sit at his feet and to be present to hang on to his very words..

Except no one much does that anymore. In fact, class attendance only accounts for 15 percent of the grade, so what the heck; why bother to show up at all?

But wait, it gets worse.

No thanks, I’ll click

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Ethically Speaking: Rutgers Should Open a Chain of Waffle Restaurants

This isn’t a story about waffles, but about a university that cannot seem to make a decision. Instead, it has taught its students that doing the right thing is not contingent on doing right, but on doing what is politically expedient.

RutgersWe must go back a few weeks to when Rutgers officially announced that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice would give the keynote address on May 18, 2014. This caused a handful of Rutgers students and faculty to protest because of the Iraq War and her role in the decision to go to war. I have no problem with that; this is America, and for the most part we still have free speech. Though Rutgers didn’t ask Dr. Rice to pull out of the address, she did. This is America, and Dr. Rice doesn’t have to speak anywhere if she doesn’t want to do so.

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The Todd Hoffner Story – When Good Intentions Lead to Miserable Consequences

The problem with the Todd Hoffner story is that there are truly no evil characters. Everyone seems to me to be a good guy.

I want to try to reach those of you who are coaches of any sport and at any level.  I want to teach you, that the best way to avoid the consequences of what are perceived to be major ethical and legal issues is to recognize the potential for problems in the first place. This may be more difficult than you imagine, and you may have some serious blind spots in your mirrors because the very things that make you a good guy, may lead to your downfall.

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Kiera Wilmot and the Ethics of a Science Experiment – Common Sense Rules!

Early in May 2013, the headlines blared an interesting ethical challenge across the internet and newspapers. A 16 year old student, Kiera Wilmot was charged with felonies stemming from a science experiment.  A science experiment creates an ethics challenge and a test of good ole common sense.

Kiera WilmotOn April 30, 2013, Kiera conducted a science experiment in the school yard. She heard from a friend that if she took toilet bowl cleaner, wrapped it in aluminum foil, and placed the foil in a bottle, it would produce smoke. She experimented; not only did it smoke, but it made a popping sound that caused an assistant principal to rush to the “crime scene.” The teenager had apparently violated a school conduct code and she was placed under arrest. She is being charged with bringing a bomb onto school property.

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