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Insider Trading: Lack of Wall Street Ethics Worse Than Imagined

If you believe that insider trading disappeared with “Big Hair,” the Go-Go’s and Gordon Gekko, think again. Two studies recently conducted by professors at the Stern School of Business at New York University and Canada’s McGill University have concluded that up to 25 percent of all Wall Street deals may involve insider_tradinginsider trading.

In an article by Andrew Ross Sorkin for The New York Times (June 17, 2014) entitled: “Study asserts startling numbers of insider trading rogues,” we learn that the professors studied trades, penalties against companies and litigation from 1996 to the present day in an attempt to understand why stock prices fluctuated so much before they were made publicly available for purchase. According to Mr. Sorkin’s article in regard to the conclusion of the studies:

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Wyoming Official – John Johnson – Charged for White Collar Crime. Every Choice has a Consequence!

At every business ethics presentation I have been involved with as of late, I start with the statement that “every choice has a consequence”.  It is a fundamental truth that none of us can escape and for those caught in white collar crime – it’s a statement at the root of the consequences that inevitably must be faced.

White Collar CrimeIndeed, if there is one single message in the world of ethics, it is to be aware of your choices and accept that consequences – either good or bad – will follow from the choices you make.

Case in point is the recent story reported by the Associated Press in a Sheridan Wyoming online publication dated March 28, 2013 entitled: “Wyoming Official Charged for White-Collar Crime.”

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Michael Van Gilder Indicted for Insider Trading – Van Gilder professes Innocence.

If your buddy or close friend shares information about what’s going on with their company, visit in your head ( – made up website) and keep your mouth shut.  You can’t know something that someone else does not know, act on it for personal gain, and expect to remain free.  Van Gilder, a young man, now faces substantial time in federal prison – something that is life changing.

Notice how simply his alleged crime started and how it mushroomed.  There is a lesson here for others to learn!


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