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Falling Apart or Falling Into Place – It’s All A Matter of Perspective

Every had one of those moments when you feel that your world is falling apart?  I have and it’s not fun.  But the question that is often asked is why is this happening to me?

Gallagher Quote - Falling Apart or Falling into Place

Gallagher Quote – Falling Apart or Falling into Place

Perhaps the better question is what is taking place that will create new opportunities and growth for me?

Seems that everything happens for a reason and often when we feel that things are falling apart they are just clearing the way for the next more positive phase of life.

I wrote the book SECOND CHANCES about this very issue.  Often what seems adversity is nothing more than a clearing of old issues from the past when, when cleared, open doors for new and better opportunities.

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Gaining Through Adversity

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Sir Winston Churchill. Gaining through adversity: Adversity is one of those words that when we hear it or it comes our way our inclination is to run and hide from it. It feels frightening and uncomfortable. Then there are those who choose adversity either as an outcome to wrong ethical or moral choices or as a means to an end.

Winston Churchill Quotes: Gaining through  adversity.

Adversity can be a gift, full of hidden jewels or it can be a dreaded part of life that leaves us feeling depleted, depressed and discouraged. How we perceive, receive and respond to adversity depends on nature (our innate personality), nurture (our primary caretakers influence) and autonomous choice (adulthood).

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