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Vemma gives MLM a bad name! FTC shuts down for running pyramid scheme

Whether land deals, cosmetics, stocks and bonds, herbal potions or nutritional drinks, there will always be the unethical preying on the vulnerable. Why? Unethical individuals see the opportunity to take advantage of people and they have the means to do so.

In our current era, we have a new generation of the unethical appealing to a new generation of gullible college students. There is nothing new under the sun. In no way do I blame the students. They are falling for the same line that those in my generation fell for with herbal supplements, cosmetics, plastic eating ware and magazine subscriptions.

bode-logoIn an article carried by the Associated Press (August 27, 2015) entitled: “FTC: Vemma shut down for running pyramid scheme,” we are introduced to the Vemma Nutrition company.

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