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Navy Scandal: Leonard Glenn “Fat Leonard” Francis Sell-Out for Trinkets

His name is Leonard Glenn “Fat Leonard” Francis. He sounds like a cartoon character but right about now, no one is laughing. Francis is a high-flying defense contractor, and from 2006 to 2014, he bribed high-ranking Naval officers in order to get in their good graces and to perpetrate a grand fraud scheme.

It takes tremendous work and effort to become an Admiral or any officer of high rank. One of the officers that “Fat Leonard” bribed was Rear Adm. Bruce Loveless, an intelligence officer who should have known better, and should have known what bad ethics “looked like.” Loveless had company, including four, now retired Navy captains and a retired Marine colonel.

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How Far Would A Person Go To Commit Ethical Misconduct? Ask Vice Admiral Ted Branch and Rear Admiral Bruce Loveless

There is a story unfolding about a case of ethical misconduct that will, no doubt, be very shocking to most Americans – and with good reason, however the case doesn’t surprise me one bit. I will explain “why,” in just a little bit.

Ted Branch Bruce LovelessAs the incidents in this case are alleged, it is best to comment in more general terms until all of the facts emerge. In an article written by Craig Whitlock for The Washington Post (November 11, 2013), we are introduced to two U.S. Navy admirals; Vice Admiral Ted Branch and Rear Admiral Bruce F. Loveless. Both high-ranking officers are implicated in a huge scandal involving bribery and the selling of classified military secrets.

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Business Ethics: Leadership Lessons from the US Navy

Leadership Lessons from the US Navy

Steven Romano.

Can we get leadership lessons from the US Navy? More times than not, media reports tell us that government spending is rife with fraud and waste. While those stories deserve attention, it’s easy to lose sight of people in government who really are conscientious stewards of U.S. taxpayers’ money. Rear Admiral Steven J. Romano (right) is one of them. Romano is the commander and chief executive officer for the Navy Exchange Service Command in Virginia Beach, Va. He also overseas Navy Exchange System, or NEX, a Wal-Mart type store for military members. While most NEX associates are honest and trustworthy, there have been a number of fraud cases lately, and Romano is putting a stop to them.

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