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Five Insights to Help You Overcome Adversity

In our lives we all face adversity. It isn’t that adversity occurs, it is how we approach and overcome adversity when it arrives. Changing the way we approach adversity, changes the way we live our lives and the positive outcomes that can follow. These five insights to overcome adversity will change your life.

Overcome AdversityWhen I went into federal prison for making the choices to embezzle money from my clients, I didn’t fully understand adversity. I grew up in a single parent home. My mother dearly loved me and always told me I could be “somebody”. That was my focus. I completed a Masters Degree in accounting and as a young man, I was a partner in a prestigious accounting firm. When my life got out of balance financially my approach to overcoming adversity was to steal money. I did not have a concept of what it means to overcome adversity in a healthy way. I could have made better choices, but the choices I made pushed me further out of balance.

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