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Down Syndrome: Blevins Middle School Teaches Us about Ethics

Blevins Middle School is located in Ft. Collins, Colorado, a small city that is about 90 minutes north of Denver. There is an interesting story that comes out of a class of 11 and 12 year olds that many adults could embrace.  It relates to a Down syndrome student and the power of an ethical student voice.

Down Syndrome Kid helped by FriendsBrady Green was a fifth grade student who has Down syndrome. Brady was scheduled to start in a special school this coming year, while the rest of his classmates were scheduled to go into Blevins Middle School. This is apparently standard procedure in the Poudre Valley School District as in many other school districts. Down syndrome students are apparently segregated at a specific and pre-determined age and grade-level. However, we should avoid easy answers.

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A Day in the Life of Ethical America: The Boston Tragedy

How do ethics tie into the recent events in Boston?  At one level many may think it a stretch, but as an ethics speaker as I look from my vantage point I see the best of ethical behavior in play – something that if often missed as we look at our daily lives in ethical America.

Ethics definitionAs with 9/11, the tragedy of what occurred in Boston will scar the American Psyche for many years to come. We will refer to it as: “The Boston Marathon Bombing” or “The Marathon Tragedy,” and people will know what we are talking about.  Undoubtedly, security will be stepped up at marathons in the future, and just another little piece of our freedoms will be removed.

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Ethics Question: Do You Live for Yourself or Other People?

Say what you will about the New York Times, but I really admire the fact that they have an ethicist on staff to answer letters from the “ethically torn.”

New York Times LogoAs someone who teaches ethics to a wide audience, my dream is that every major corporation in America, not to mention every government agency, may eventually have a Director of Ethics on staff. As that isn’t likely, I am more than content to travel the country telling people about my story, and in turn, helping them understand that what we do in life – and more importantly, how we go about doing it matters.

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SKANSKA – A Shining Example of Positive Business Ethics

In this Lindsay Lohan-like drama addicted nation, sometimes it seems business ethics is nothing other than something to fall back on when the red lights are in your rear view mirror or a lawyer in a black cloak bangs a gavel in front of you and a man who can now put their kids through college thanks to our signature. When asked to explain their deeds, many accuse the consistently heightening competition as the reason. However, being at the forefront of the debate on ethics, I am happy to see the moral aspect is not only getting its good name back but having a positive aftermath for both any company that assists this turn for the better as well as the world.

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Convicted Felon – Can You Ever Escape the Stigma?

To groups all around the country, I say the following words – Every choice has a consequence! At times the consequences we face are short lived and often forgotten. But, there are some choices we make in life that have permanent long-lasting implications. They will never be forgotten – we, likewise, cannot hide from their continued effects.

Chuck GallagherAs a Sr. VP of Sales for a public company and ethics speaker, I am open about who I am, my past and the lessons I’ve learned. I speak about them often and have found that most people (not all) find hope and inspiration from the words they hear. But, just when I think that the message – you reap what you sow – is beginning to take hold, I get a reply that sends me backward, realizing that no matter how much good you do – someone, somewhere, is standing ready to throw stones.

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