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Nathan Hardwick and Asha Maurya Indicted for Multi-Million Dollar Embezzlement

Mortgage Fraud

Nathan Hardwick indicted for Mortgage Fraud

A federal indictment charges Nathan Hardwick IV and Asha R. Maurya with conspiracy, wire fraud, and related crimes in connection with Nathan Hardwick’s alleged theft of over $20 million from the attorney escrow accounts and operating accounts of Morris Hardwick Schneider and LandCastle Title, an Atlanta-based law firm and title agency in which Nathan Hardwick and Asha Maurya once served as top executives.  In addition to charges against Maurya for assisting with Hardwick’s theft, the indictment also charges Maurya with stealing approximately $900,000 from the firm’s accounts to pay her own personal expenses.

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Don Blankenship sentenced to one year! Ethics Achieved at Massey?

What should be the punishment meted out for the CEO of a company where safety violations took the lives of 29 men? Is one year sufficient, too much, or not nearly enough?  Was ethical balance achieved at Massey?

Don BlankenshipPete Williams, in an article he wrote for NBC News (April 6, 2016) entitled: “Former Coal Mine Executive Sentenced to One Year in Prison After Explosion Killed 29,” states:

“Don Blankenship, former CEO of Massey Energy, was sentenced Wednesday to one year in federal prison for safety lapses connected to a deadly West Virginia coal mine explosion.

A jury in federal court convicted Don Blankenship in December of conspiring to willfully violate mine safety standards, connected to an explosion at the Upper Big Branch mine in 2010 that killed 29 men. One year in prison was the maximum sentence for the misdemeanor charge.

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Michael Oppenheim: A Case of Embezzlement, Gambling and Bad Ethics

What happens when greed, opportunity and a gambling addiction form the perfect unethical storm? You get men such as Michael Oppenheim, a former JPMorgan Chase & Co investment adviser who stole more than $20 million from wealthy clients to fuel his gambling addiction. His unethical behavior will cost him five years in jail.

Michael OppenheimThe mechanism of Michael Oppenheim’s behavior was neither unique nor creative. He had about 500 clients listening to his advice; people who trusted him. For about seven years, he persuaded some of his clients (actually ‘marks’), to allow him to withdraw their money because he was going to invest it in low-risk municipal bonds. He had no such intention. He took most of the money and bet “whatever,” and then whatever was left over, he put down on high-risk options.

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Incarcerated! What happens to the kids?

The question that was burning in my wife’s mind as I faced an uncertain future – one that included the possibility of prison – was what would happen to our children?  We both were concerned as the future that we faced as a family was destined to be fraught Incarcerated - Children as Victimswith judgment that could undermine all that we wanted for our two sons.

Today one in 14 children have at least one parent behind bars as the United States has the highest incarceration rate of any developed country.  Incarcerating people – while perhaps well intended to curb crime – has consequences that radiate far out from the person being punished.  The people most vulnerable to negative consequences are the children.

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Corrections Employees Sentenced to Prison for Theft?

Tammi Stephens, Daynna Gregory, & Richard Cantrell – Corrections employees have been sentenced to federal prison for stealing victims’ restitution money.  The funds were supposedly controlled by the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDOC), where Stephens and Gregory formerly worked Corrections Employees face Prisonin its banking department.

It appears that these Corrections Employees – Tammi Stephens, Daynna Gregory and Richard Cantrell – were all idiots for thinking that this scheme would ever have a chance of working.

What were they thinking?

You work in the prison on the right side of the bars and think that somehow you’re going to get by with stealing from money that’s supposed to go to victims of inmates?  I’m baffled…  So you think it makes sense to steal again from victims who have already been harmed.  Really? Karma…oh well!

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Many Faces of Fraud – Benita Dinkins-Robinson sentenced to Prison!

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Barry Minkow faces Prison again! San Diego Community Bible Church defrauded

It’s often been said, “Once a criminal always a criminal.”  I disagree!  People make choices and some of them have very negative consequences.  I know I’ve made them and live with the consequences.  But, a bad choice doesn’t mean that one is bad.  Hum…in the case of Barry Minkow…well perhaps he’s an exception.  Certainly his actions would fully support what many think.

BARRY MINKOWFormer pastor and con man, Barry Minkow, age 48, was sentenced to five years in federal prison for stealing $3.5 million from his San Diego church and its members.  The tale of betrayal made the three-time felon one of the worst white-collar criminals according a federal judge.


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James Kalpakis – A Lawyer Who Took a Very Wrong Turn on the Ethical Highway

On December 3, 2013, disbarred lawyer James Kalpakis is scheduled to be sentenced at the Nassau County Courthouse on Long Island (New York) to grand larceny in the first degree and second degree.

James KalpakisKalpakis has been found guilty of stealing more than $4 million from his clients, ex-wife, friends and even his ex-girlfriend! He could get a 10 year sentence for his crimes in Nassau County alone, and then there are charges looming in Suffolk County and New York City.

 In an online article for CNBC (October 11, 201), writers Valerie Patriarca and Andrea Day detail the downfall of a man who disregarded every shred of ethical behavior in favor of greed and life-style.

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Linda Smoot Radeker – the Ethics of Mental Health

            People are hardly neutral about the IRS. It is the government agency that most of us love to hate. Yet I found something quite redeeming about the IRS; their website provides a better read than most of the novels I’ve glanced at lately. For example, there is a section on the IRS Medicare Fraudwebsite that is devoted to healthcare fraud. In that section are examples of ethical foul-up’s that are so unbelievable, it is a wonder that anyone could be that brazen enough to commit them and still manage to look at themselves in the mirror every morning.

            Professions above reproach

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Entitlement Ethics and Abuse: Darryl Layne Woods highlights Banking Abuse

Today’s blog is inspired by one of the most blatant ethical missteps I have heard in years. In an article by Peter Lattman for The New York Times (August 27, Darryl Layne Woods2013), “Bank executive admits to using bailout money to buy condo,” we are introduced to Darryl Layne Woods a bank executive and a former chairman of the Mainstreet Bank of Ashland, Missouri. In a sense, Mr. Woods is emblematic of the worst of the abuses of banking in America.

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