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Move in the Right Direction – Quote

Move in the Right DirectionWhat do you want as an outcome for your life?  Are you taking steps to move in the right direction? That question is perhaps one of the most significant questions you might ask yourself.  But the question that follows is perhaps more profound.  What am I doing today that is getting me closer to where I want to be tomorrow?  In other words – am I making the choices necessary to move me in the direction of my dreams?

Every choice has a consequence! If we truly want to achieve our dreams and more…then we have to be prepared to take the steps necessary to move us just one step closer to accomplishing our life’s ambition.

Really it’s just a simple question – what’s your answer?

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Success Quote: One Step at a Time

Small Step QuoteChoices … step one.  Choices … step two.  Choices … step three.  Choices … step four.  Each choice we make and each step we take provide the foundation for our future.  Every choice has a consequence.  Where ever you are right now, regardless of the circumstance, you can turn adversity into opportunity.  It all starts with one step.  The power to make that step is yours.  Look past life’s illusions, make wise choices and claim the success that is already yours.

This success quote image reminds us of the potential that we each possess.  Cause success is created one step at a time.

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