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Behind the Scenes at the George Zimmerman trial – An Ethics Challenge Unnoticed! Ben Kruidbos fired!

As I write this post, the verdict has been announced in the George Zimmerman trial and the tragic events that occurred in Florida . Divides in America have been made a little deeper and a little wider. It is all sad and no one has really won. Ben KruidbosHowever there is another story that is emerging from the tragedy; a story that speaks to ethics and one that has been steamrolled.  Let us discuss a man who worked as a director in the IT department of the Florida State Attorney General’s office; these are the individuals who prosecuted the case.


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Roger Clemens on Trial for Lying to Congress! Whose going to put Congress on Trial for lying to Us? Guest Blog by Brent Clanton

From time to time I am honored to have guest bloggers featured.  Today a friend of mine, Brent Clanton is featured with an interesting take on the Roger Clemens trial.  His comments will certainly make you think…

Roger ClemensI am bemused to hear Roger Clemens will be going on trial for lying to Congress over controlled substances, when they’ve been lying to the American public for years over the substance of legislation they control. Or just lying outright.

The most-obvious recent example of this is the embarrassing saga of NY Rep. Anthony Weiner—a ten day media romp in which he repeatedly prevaricated as to his prowess as a sexting lothario. And wasn’t it an American politician who made “hiking the Appalachian Trail” the newest euphemism for cheating on a spouse?

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