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Right Way to Track Your Teen: Ethically

We cannot go back in time, even though many of us might be tempted. We live in a digital age, we live in a complicated age, and we are ridiculously interconnected.  All that might be good, but should this digital age afford parents the right to track your teen?

track-your-teenOur children are growing up too fast, we are too stressed and no one seems to know what to do with all of the rules of child rearing and parenting. Adding to all of the madness is that close to 75% of teenagers are walking around with personal smartphones.  Are they a curse or provide great value?

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7 Ways to Protect Your Kids from On-line Predators

Speaking not long ago at a US District Court, one of the participants shared with me that more and more crimes are committed against children from on-line predators and the rate dramatically rising.  After all, it’s far easier to lure an unsuspecting child into a trap than it is to catch an adult who might be more alert to scams.  Whether it’s a financial predator or a sexual predator, the on-line predatorsFBI acknowledges that by using popular apps such as Kik, Snapchat, ooVoo and Instagram (just to name a few), “tweens” and teens are being targeted at an alarming rate.  Here we’ll discuss 7 ways to protect your kids from on-line predators.

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Down Syndrome: Blevins Middle School Teaches Us about Ethics

Blevins Middle School is located in Ft. Collins, Colorado, a small city that is about 90 minutes north of Denver. There is an interesting story that comes out of a class of 11 and 12 year olds that many adults could embrace.  It relates to a Down syndrome student and the power of an ethical student voice.

Down Syndrome Kid helped by FriendsBrady Green was a fifth grade student who has Down syndrome. Brady was scheduled to start in a special school this coming year, while the rest of his classmates were scheduled to go into Blevins Middle School. This is apparently standard procedure in the Poudre Valley School District as in many other school districts. Down syndrome students are apparently segregated at a specific and pre-determined age and grade-level. However, we should avoid easy answers.

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7 Things You should do about Teen Lying

At an ethics presentation I made several weeks ago I was asked by a concerned parent – what should I do about teen lying?  Her question was sincere and heart felt, but she acted as if teen lying was new.  Reality is we learn at an early age to lie by watching others lie.

Teen LyingIn all honestly, being completely honest is challenging for most people. We lie in order to avoid hurting people’s feelings and sometimes, we lie because of political correctness.

Over time, I shared with her, that your teen probably noticed you lying to others.  I then asked, are there circumstances where you are modeling behavior that you want your teen to avoid?  She sheepishly said, “Yes.”

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Technology Fraud: Ethics Challenges abound in 2016

The opportunity for the unethical to commit fraud had not changed. While the technology in recent years has undergone the transition from snail-mail and telephone sales to computers and hand-held digital devices, the intent and the opportunity are still there to create technology fraud. As the holidays are quickly upon us, it is good to remind ourselves that little has changed in terms of the “hearts of the unethical.”

Technology FraudTomer Barel of PayPal, in an article for CNBC (December 10, 2015) entitled: “Five fraud predictions for 2016,” said that technology “will continue to change the battlefield for fraud.” It is not surprising that Millennials are particularly vulnerable to digital forms of technology fraud.

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5 Ways Adults Can teach Teens not to Lie

Teens will lie.  So will adults.  Lying is not a youth issue its a human issue.  The challenge for most of us is curbing the natural tendency to lie or creating an environment, especially for our youth, so we can teach teens not to lie.

Teach Teens not to lieThe Josephson Institute of Ethics did a study surveying teens about lying.  92 percent of the teens surveyed admitted to lying to their parents at least once in the last year.  My question: only once?  Somehow I think the teens are lying about lying – which by the way is not uncommon for our species!

It’s natural to lie!

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Dress Code Ethics: A Battle or Just Bad Parenting?

On the news the other day, was a segment (NBC News) entitled: “Wardrobe Wars.” It concerned itself with how schools across the nation were trying to impose dress standards, and how some students – and their parents – were fighting against the rules. The protesting students were teenaged girls.

Mother and teen daughter after quarrel on sofa at home.

Mother and teen daughter after quarrel on sofa at home.

When first tuning in the segment, I had a mental image of the old-fashioned school ma’am standing at the door of the school house making sure the skirts were floor length or that everyone was wearing the official school uniform with thick-soled shoes.

Such was not the case.

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Ethics in Education: School uses child as “rape bait;” child is raped

It is a terrible, tragic case, and there is no good aspect to any of it. In an article by Victor Blackwell for CNN (September 22, 2014) entitled: “Plan to use teen as bait leads to rape at school, suit alleges,” we learn of the rape of a special needs student at Sparkman Middle School in Madison County, Alabama. Why or how Sparkman Middle Schoolthe school – specifically a teacher’s aide was able to convince the girl to become “bait” is one matter; why the aide took it upon herself (and was allowed to take it upon herself) to create such a plan is incomprehensible.

The story goes back to 2010, when a 16 year old boy was essentially roaming the school looking for girls to grope and rape. According to the article:

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Blackface – Confederate flag wearing Catholic High School Students – Who teaches Ethics?

I am a student of history and I live in the south. There are images and symbols such as the Confederate flag and people smearing on blackface that resonate deeply and with great pain. In all seriousness, I believe the south has dealt much more honestly and openly with these symbols than the north.

BLACKFACEIt was more than with a little bit of disgust that I read of four students at a Long Island, New York Catholic High School (St. Anthony’s High School, South Huntington) getting expelled for putting on blackface and draping themselves in the Confederate flag.

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Lack of a Moral and Ethical Code? Steubenville Teens found Guilty!

“The times they are a changing!”

Although these are words from a decades’ old song, we are seeing more and more that they ring true today when it comes to the ethics and choices of today’s youth; the culprit of these changes: Technology and Changing Morality.   As an ethics speaker addressing university campuses across the US, it is clear that there is a serious disconnect between choices and the consequences they produce!

Steubenville TeensActivities which was once overlooked as youthful indiscretion has now, in large part due to technology, come into the white-hot spotlight of choices, consequences and ethics.  Youth today are “at-risk” in ways never before imagined…and a good portion of it caught on a “smart phone!”

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