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Right Way to Track Your Teen: Ethically

We cannot go back in time, even though many of us might be tempted. We live in a digital age, we live in a complicated age, and we are ridiculously interconnected.  All that might be good, but should this digital age afford parents the right to track your teen?

track-your-teenOur children are growing up too fast, we are too stressed and no one seems to know what to do with all of the rules of child rearing and parenting. Adding to all of the madness is that close to 75% of teenagers are walking around with personal smartphones.  Are they a curse or provide great value?

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7 Ways to Protect Your Kids from On-line Predators

Speaking not long ago at a US District Court, one of the participants shared with me that more and more crimes are committed against children from on-line predators and the rate dramatically rising.  After all, it’s far easier to lure an unsuspecting child into a trap than it is to catch an adult who might be more alert to scams.  Whether it’s a financial predator or a sexual predator, the on-line predatorsFBI acknowledges that by using popular apps such as Kik, Snapchat, ooVoo and Instagram (just to name a few), “tweens” and teens are being targeted at an alarming rate.  Here we’ll discuss 7 ways to protect your kids from on-line predators.

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7 Things You should do about Teen Lying

At an ethics presentation I made several weeks ago I was asked by a concerned parent – what should I do about teen lying?  Her question was sincere and heart felt, but she acted as if teen lying was new.  Reality is we learn at an early age to lie by watching others lie.

Teen LyingIn all honestly, being completely honest is challenging for most people. We lie in order to avoid hurting people’s feelings and sometimes, we lie because of political correctness.

Over time, I shared with her, that your teen probably noticed you lying to others.  I then asked, are there circumstances where you are modeling behavior that you want your teen to avoid?  She sheepishly said, “Yes.”

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Dress Code Ethics: A Battle or Just Bad Parenting?

On the news the other day, was a segment (NBC News) entitled: “Wardrobe Wars.” It concerned itself with how schools across the nation were trying to impose dress standards, and how some students – and their parents – were fighting against the rules. The protesting students were teenaged girls.

Mother and teen daughter after quarrel on sofa at home.

Mother and teen daughter after quarrel on sofa at home.

When first tuning in the segment, I had a mental image of the old-fashioned school ma’am standing at the door of the school house making sure the skirts were floor length or that everyone was wearing the official school uniform with thick-soled shoes.

Such was not the case.

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Blackface – Confederate flag wearing Catholic High School Students – Who teaches Ethics?

I am a student of history and I live in the south. There are images and symbols such as the Confederate flag and people smearing on blackface that resonate deeply and with great pain. In all seriousness, I believe the south has dealt much more honestly and openly with these symbols than the north.

BLACKFACEIt was more than with a little bit of disgust that I read of four students at a Long Island, New York Catholic High School (St. Anthony’s High School, South Huntington) getting expelled for putting on blackface and draping themselves in the Confederate flag.

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Lack of a Moral and Ethical Code? Steubenville Teens found Guilty!

“The times they are a changing!”

Although these are words from a decades’ old song, we are seeing more and more that they ring true today when it comes to the ethics and choices of today’s youth; the culprit of these changes: Technology and Changing Morality.   As an ethics speaker addressing university campuses across the US, it is clear that there is a serious disconnect between choices and the consequences they produce!

Steubenville TeensActivities which was once overlooked as youthful indiscretion has now, in large part due to technology, come into the white-hot spotlight of choices, consequences and ethics.  Youth today are “at-risk” in ways never before imagined…and a good portion of it caught on a “smart phone!”

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Students – It’s Time to Think of Facebook in a Different Light! Comments by Business Ethics Speaker Chuck Gallagher

Facebook – on of the fastest growing social networking sites can be awesome or can be a curse. Started by a young man who wanted to keep up with his friends, Facebook has become an outstanding tool. Likewise, like any tool, how you use it determines whether it will serve you or hurt you.

It's Time to Think of Facebook in a Different Light

Photo Credit: HTSABO

As a business ethics speaker, I talk to college groups all around the country about effective uses of Facebook and other social networking sites. The creative application of Facebook could make the difference in whether you get that first job (the one you really want) or don’t. The question is – “Is Facebook a tool for business or a public garbage dump for how you feel at the moment?” facebook-logo

Here’s a garbage dump example:

A Calvin College student has been suspended for one year over a lewd Facebook message he allegedly posted about an ex-girlfriend.

According to an article in The Grand Rapids Press, a message about an ex was posted from Tony Harris’s account in November that “referred to the woman in two slang terms and referenced sexuality.” Calvin officials did not return calls from The Chronicle, but the newspaper reported that the college cited Mr. Harris, a sophomore, for violating technology and conduct codes at the institution, which refers to itself as “distinctively Christian.”

The acceptable-use policy on the college’s Web site prohibits “communication that degrades or harasses individuals or groups.”

Mr. Harris, who not respond to requests for comment from The Chronicle, has insisted that the ex-girlfriend, who he said knew his Facebook password, logged in to his account and sent the message herself, presumably to frame him, the newspaper reports. Calvin officials were apparently unconvinced.

In order to resume his studies at Calvin in a year, Mr. Harris will need to re-apply to the college and recant the Facebook message, according to report. —Steve Kolowich

Now, ethically speaking, Mr. Harris used Facebook as a public garbage dump for how he felt about his ex-girlfriend. Not only was that less than honorable, but it had repercussions far greater than Mr. Harris would have expected when he posted his thoughts or feelings.

Every choice has a consequence.

The Consequence: Kicked out of school! Not allowed to return without reapplying and who knows what other repercussions he is experiencing from his ex-girlfriend and parents. In fact, one might wonder how many girl would now want to be his girlfriend since he has demonstrated that he might not honor them when they part?

There’s a saying – “garbage in — garbage out.”

While Facebook may have been started as a social networking site, it is rapidly becoming a “product/person differentiation site”. In other words, with Facebook being public and searchable, people of all ages who use it should consider that it is nothing more than a personal web site. What you put on there is your advertisement of yourself. If you want to sell yourself, you need to consider what you say and how you position yourself.

Facebook is a powerful tool – use it to your advantage!

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Business Ethics and Tutorial Websites Like ‘student of’ – Really? UPDATE 2015

Just like clockwork every day I receive an e-mail from google listing the new content for a selected topic – “Business Ethics” – a topic I specialize in as a speaker. Most days there is something of interest – either a new article, headline or blog posting. But over the course of the past several weeks I have begun to see a studentnew entry in this arena and I must say it caught me by surprise.

Read below – as this is copied from the google alert that I received in early November. After you read, I’ll offer some comments.

NOTE: Student of Fortune is now found at: – no link provided as I feel the site is unethical. 

$50.00 – Research Paper Business Ethics
Research Paper Needed My topic will be Freddie Mac and the mortgage crisis, government bailout and the ethical impact this had on the nation. Research Paper Requirements 1) Length: 5 – 7 pages (Not including title page and reference
Student of Fortune – Recent Questions –


Maybe it’s just me, but frankly I was amazed. It appeared that “” was a brokerage house for – what I would describe as – truly unethical practices. I was shocked. I knew that there were places on line where one might buy papers, etc. for school, but never thought that someone could advertise blatantly for homework “prostitution.”

Well I looked a bit further…and another entry that made the “google” list for business ethics. Hum…

$50.00 – Business Ethics
Has anyone taken a Business Ethics Class, I am totally lost. I do not know how to get the APA references the only reference the teacher wants us to use and I have a paper do. I go to the online library but is finding myself lost.
Student of Fortune – Recent Questions –


Well maybe this wasn’t what I thought it was until I researched the site. As best I can tell it is promoted as on-line tutorial for money. O.K. I thought. But the idea of a tutorial is help – not someone doing it for them. So, tell me if I’m wrong, but look at this next one – cause what I see is someone buying a paper for $10.00.

$10.00 ECO205 Final Project: Industry Research Completion (Auto Industry)


Final Project: Industry Research Completion
· Resource: Appendix A
· Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum
· Write a 1,750- to 2,450-word paper in APA format that provides an economic profile of
the industry you have researched. In your paper, discuss how the following impact the
o Shifts and price elasticity of supply and demand
o Positive and negative externalities
o Wage inequality
o Monetary and fiscal policies
· Conclude your paper with final thoughts on:
o How the economy affects the success of your chosen industry
o Economic influences that can affect the industry in a negative way
· Post your paper as a Microsoft© Word attachment.

eco205_appendix_a[1].doc (41K)

Somehow…I see this bastardizing the whole concept of BUSINESS ETHICS.

Would love to have your comments…perhaps some of you see something different than what I see on the surface.

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Message To My Son – Every Choice Has A Consequence! Hear My Voice Speak from A Painful Prison Experience!

Tonight this blog entry is very personal for me.  I have debated whether to write it and share.  It is easy to talk about other people’s issues and problems, it is even easy to talk about my own, but when they come home to you it often brings up pain that seems, at times, best supressed.

I-Love-My-SonI spent time in Federal prision for stupid choices I made, now some 23 years ago.  As a speaker today, I share with audiences from coast to coast the valuable lessons I have learned from the consequences that followed the painful mistakes I have made.  I am not proud of my past.  I am not proud of having served time in Federal prison.  I am not proud of the shame and financial hardship I have brought on my family.  I am not proud that I was a poor husband and did not live up to my commitment to my wife.

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