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University of Phoenix and the Mess of Higher Education

America is in an educational free-fall and right now, it appears that no one is rescuing the group falling fastest; the students.  No where is this more clearly seen than with the University of Phoenix and their declining enrollment.  The choices for students are limited and none of them are very palatable. For lower income families, student loans are available, but student debt is crippling University of Phoenixand worse, the job prospects at the end of the road are meager at best.  It appears that Higher Education is in a bit of a mess.

Middle class students – and their families are being crushed. It is one thing for the government to talk about loan forgiveness for those who have borrowed from government programs, but middle class families struggling to keep their children in college, cannot find relief anywhere.

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Ethically Speaking: Rutgers Should Open a Chain of Waffle Restaurants

This isn’t a story about waffles, but about a university that cannot seem to make a decision. Instead, it has taught its students that doing the right thing is not contingent on doing right, but on doing what is politically expedient.

RutgersWe must go back a few weeks to when Rutgers officially announced that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice would give the keynote address on May 18, 2014. This caused a handful of Rutgers students and faculty to protest because of the Iraq War and her role in the decision to go to war. I have no problem with that; this is America, and for the most part we still have free speech. Though Rutgers didn’t ask Dr. Rice to pull out of the address, she did. This is America, and Dr. Rice doesn’t have to speak anywhere if she doesn’t want to do so.

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Ethical Moving Targets: Hard versus Soft Liquor at Montana State University

In an article for Reuters News Service reported by Laura Zuckerman (December 10, 2013) entitled: “Montana State University imposes hard liquor ban at fraternity amid rape allegations,” we are introduced to a rather interesting ethical decision.

Montana StateThe case in question concerns Pi Kappa Alpha, an off-campus fraternity.

According to the article:

“Pi Kappa Alpha is one of two fraternities near the Bozeman campus at the center of investigations stemming from allegations by two female students that they were sexually assaulted in separate incidents over one weekend in September. Montana State immediately placed Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Chi fraternities under suspension…”

There were “penalties” put into place as a consequence of the suspension. The fraternities are being made to attend classes on the prevention of sexual assaults and, according to the report:

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Business Ethics – Which Theory Do You Follow?

Business ethics should seem simple, but the more analytic we approach the subject the more complicated the explanation of “business ethics”.

While standing in line for a dinner/reception at a well know Canadian University (I was there as their keynote speaker for a business ethics symposium), the Dean of the Business School asked me – “What theory of business ethics do you follow?”  Most of the time I’m fully prepared to answer questions posed about ‘ethics’, but in this case – that question caught me off guard.

I wanted to be respectful with my answer while thinking to myself – “the more academic we make ‘business ethics’ the less effective it will be for students to learn and apply.”  My response – “I follow the theory of business ethics that keeps one out of federal prison.”

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The Todd Hoffner Story – When Good Intentions Lead to Miserable Consequences

The problem with the Todd Hoffner story is that there are truly no evil characters. Everyone seems to me to be a good guy.

I want to try to reach those of you who are coaches of any sport and at any level.  I want to teach you, that the best way to avoid the consequences of what are perceived to be major ethical and legal issues is to recognize the potential for problems in the first place. This may be more difficult than you imagine, and you may have some serious blind spots in your mirrors because the very things that make you a good guy, may lead to your downfall.

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Diederik Stapel – When a Lie Becomes Reality – by Mary Auda

Mary Auda is my very good friend and someone I have worked with in many different capacities since 1998 (two years following my release from prison).  Mary is a guest blogger here and will co-author blogs with me from time to time.  This is her first as author on my new updated site.

“I was such a good liar.  It came natural to me.  I probably could have passed a lie detector test,” Chuck Gallagher shared with me in an interview I did with him as he was working on his book – Second Chances.

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Business Ethics Theories – Looking at the Stockholder Theory – is it really valid today?

So when the question was asked, “Which theory of business ethics do you follow” I admit my response was unexpected and certainly not scholarly or academic.  My response?

business ethics balance“The theory that keeps you out of federal prison!”

As you might expect from reading the former article – see here – the conversation quickly turned in a different direction.  However, the original question was valid.  As there are three leading practical theories of business ethics – the Stockholder, the Stakeholder and the Social Contract Theories.

In Part Two – we’ll explore in layman’s terms the Stockholder Theory and look at how it might apply in business today!

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Business Ethics Theories – Which Theory of Ethics do You Follow? Stockholder, Stakeholder, and Social Contract Theories – Part One

Not long ago I was the dinner keynote speaker at an ethics conference in Canada and considering my entrance it was kept low key who the featured speaker Unethical Continuumwas – in other words my physical identity was a mystery.  But, as there was dinner I was invited, just not acknowledged for my role.  So…I’m standing in the buffet line with several of the professors (them not knowing I was their featured business ethics speaker) and small talk began.

“What theory of ethics do you follow,” one of the professors uttered to me as we partook of the salad offering of the evening?

Now I must admit it caused me to pause…as I had not anticipated having an intellectual discussion on the theories of business ethics.  Quickly my mind responded.

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Business Ethics: Give to Gain? Adam Grant’s Ethics Leadership!

Refreshing…that’s what I would call the recent article written about Adam Grant at the Wharton School by Susan Dominus for the New York Times.

Adam GrantProductivity and Success gained by giving seems to be Grant’s formula and smacks of a positive ethical foundation that can be emulated. While I would never claim to be at Grant’s level as a business ethics speaker, I do know a thing or two about giving more than you might expect, even if you expect anything at all. There is great value in giving, and I believe it starts the universal process of the law of attraction.

Research and Development Team

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University Cheating – is it an ethical delima? A surprising study links cheating and grades

Each day I receive (on-line) the Chronicle of Higher Education.  I skim what I see looking for interesting information that might be useful in my frequent presentations of university audiences.  As a business ethics speaker, as you can imagine I am often asked to speak to business majors on the ethical side of business choices, but a larger ethical question looms that affect all students.   So here’s the story…

Jeff Young wrote – Cheaters Never Win, at Least in Physics, a Professor Finds



A professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology devised a clever way to detect student cheating on homework in his introductory physics course—and found about 50 percent more cheating than students reported in anonymous surveys. And he discovered that frequent cheaters ended up bombing their exams.

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