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Veterans Administration: When Poor Ethics invade a Government Agency

Unethical behavior infects an organization much like a cold virus spreading in a classroom filled with third graders. Unless strong ethical standards are in place, poor ethics runs rampant without regard to the title, department or mission.  Kimberly Graves and Diana RubensPerhaps no governmental agency has been more emblematic of poor ethics than the Veterans Administration.

It’s kind of strange when we think about, for almost no government agency has a higher purpose or a greater mission than helping those who have sacrificed so much for our country.

In the latest scandal to befall the VA, it is the tale of two high-ranking executives, Diana Rubens of Philadelphian and Kimberly Graves of St. Paul, Minnesota. These formerly high-ranking executives have been demoted, but not otherwise penalized for their roles in agency scandals.

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Ethical News: Veterans Lose Again and All in Plain Sight

Ethical News: in today’s blog, I am commenting on a great piece of investigative journalism that appeared in the Denver Post more than a month ago (May 7, 2015) by David Olinger and David Migoya entitled: ”VA Officials were warned about Aurora project before work began.”

VA logoDo not be concerned that this story has “age” on it. For it is so “evergreen” and nightmarish that I doubt it will be resolved in the next six months or six years or more.

I am referring to the massive VA hospital project in Aurora, Colorado that by now has exceeded more than $1.7 billion in costs – and trust me, it is still climbing. That is $1.7 billion in “our” money, and few in congress seem to care. The project is so late and so over budget that no one really knows its ultimate cost or its date of completion. The worst of it is that once again, we are short-changing America’s veterans.

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VA Steps in the Right Ethical Direction: Bob McDonald “Goes to War”

Veterans in this country deserve more – and they haven’t gotten it.

Bob McDonaldThe rotten treatment of our veterans came to light after whistleblowers at the Phoenix VA came forward and informed the world that veterans were dying while awaiting treatment. We learned there were secret appointment lists that were hidden by hospital administrators and that appointment records that veterans were supposedly put on in good faith, were nothing more than window dressing. Any pretense of ethical behavior in the Phoenix VA was dashed by this scandal.

In a nation that spends billions of dollars on professional sports where athletes dress in camouflage and giant flags are unfolded to stirring patriotic tunes, the thought that men and women who fought in wars going all the way back to WWII were intentionally being denied treatment was nothing short of outrageous.

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