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The Ethics of Boaty McBoatface

On one hand, I have to admit that this is a hilarious story. The somewhat stodgy British Research Council has a branch named the National Environmental Research Council (NERC). The NERC is the agency that explores the world’s oceans and it does vital research into the polar ice caps, Antarctica and other land masses.  The name – Boaty McBoatface.  Amazing!

Boaty McBoatfaceAlas, few people outside of the NERC knows much about the mission of the organization and so when the agency was about to receive the delivery of a brand new research vessel, the PR department of the research council hit upon a great idea: it would launch an internet boat naming poll. The naming poll would accomplish two things: it would bring more people to the website (and hence, people could learn more about the organization), and the $287 million ship would no longer be nameless.

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Social Worker Shake Down: A Clear Lack of Ethics

Social Worker shake down is unethical, yet those who should know better don’t act better. For quite some time, I have called for ethical training for government employees. Most specifically I advocate ethical training for those who have direct interaction with people in great need. Such employees include social workers, veterans and public assistance administrators, and medical Social Worker Shake Downprofessionals. Why that group in particular? Because whenever a person is vulnerable, I want to make sure that those dealing with such individuals are highly ethical. If they are not, there is the opportunity for unethical behavior.

I must admit that from time to time I am asked if such training is a need, or if it is something I am making up to get more “business.” Leslie Rubero Padilla will serve as an Exhibit ‘A’ in this discussion.  His story is one of a Social Worker Shake Down.

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TSA’s Douglas DeWeese Steals from Luggage!

Honey I thought I packed that?  Oops…maybe you did, but someone with sticky fingers got hold of your precious belongings before it made it to the plane.  TSA Inspected SuitcaseSeems that Douglas Wayne DeWeese, 55, of Damascus, Maryland, had sticky fingers.  A former TSA agent, DeWeese just couldn’t help himself when it came to removing items (he must have deemed others didn’t need) from passenger luggage.

Of course every choice has a consequence!  DeWeese was sentenced to 10 months in prison for theft of property in interstate commerce, along with two years of supervised release and restitution.

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Diclegis – Kim Kardashian and Ethics

One day, someday, there will be a definitive book written on the rise of the Kardashian Empire, and the many branches of its tree. And many question the empire called Kim Kardashian and ethics. Is it a totally unique phenomenon to history? No, it is not. For you historians and Hollywood buffs, the Gabor sisters of another era came close. They couldn’t sing, or dance or act; they became famous for being famous.

On a personal and gut-level, I have no gripe with Kim Kardashian, the most notable sister. I don’t know her of course, but this most popular and most well-known of the Kardashians seems to be a decent enough person who, through the grace of a phenomenon known as reality TV and the social media has catapulted herself into dizzying heights. I have no idea of her true net worth but

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Married at First Sight: 3 for 3 and ethical nightmare!

There is a Reality TV show, and it is called “Married at First Sight.” With all of the principled thoughts we could review in regard to industry, government, associations, sports, politics, crime or even the “arts,” why should we care about three couples who met, married and divorced all within the span of six months?

Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight

After much thought, I came to realize that this show illustrates how far some of us have strayed from core values and beliefs. It is a pretend show; a type of template that is used to supplant the connections our society desperately needs to me making.

Don’t get me wrong

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Ethically: Is Rachel Dolezal is more divisive than healing?

There is an inconvenient truth at hand; Rachel Dolezal is a poseur.

Rachel Dolezal isn't black

Rachel Dolezal isn’t black

There is a backlash to political correctness that is finally taken hold across America, and for the most part it is a healthy and much needed reaction to a stifling and crippling trend. As a society, we have become so hyper-sensitive, so “offended” and so “outraged” to anything that is being said, that nothing gets said.

We have lost our ability to laugh at ourselves and to laugh at each other. The real downside is that political correctness covers up truth, honesty and open dialog. The keepers of politically-correct thought are, of course ethically suspicious. They are so concerned with what we say, we never quite understand what they stand for; indeed, we often catch the “keepers” in their own lies.

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Has Anyone Seen My Sea Monkeys oops I mean Anthrax?

Was anybody ever taken in by Sea Monkeys? The mail-order product was heavily advertised in comic and novelty books and the illustrations showed ape-like creatures that could swim underwater. They were a “fraud” of course; the miniscule eggs and hatching mix would hatch to become shrimp; brine shrimp.

Anthrax MailingI suppose you could look at them and make a case that they were monkeys, but they were much closer to the delectable pink creatures you consume with cocktail sauce than our ape-like friends who gobble bananas.

Sea Monkeys are not without controversy. They were sent through the U.S. mail and I recall reading stories of mail fraud as sophisticated customers could not take a joke. Only very recently, the widow of the founder of the Sea Monkey company reported that she is engaged in litigation against another company who is attempting to steal the Sea Monkey name.

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Johnny Depp and the Ethics of Dog Smuggling. Arrrg Matey!

I have no doubt, that could we retrieve a brittle newspaper from the 1774 Colonies, on page 6, or “Ye Olden Gossip Page,” we would find reference to a celebrity who did something outrageous whilst visiting Boston. The article might invoke the name of an Johnny-Depp-FeaturedEnglish actor who engaged in some kind of scandalous behavior that shocked Colonial society to its core. After all, look at the reputation enjoyed by one Benjamin Franklin in France!

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Melissa Harris-Perry Owes the IRS – An Inconvenient Truth

Melissa Harris-Perry, who is opposed to tax reductions for the rich and the poor, and wants all of us to pay our fair share (and then some) as Americans, seems to have neglected to tell us an inconvenient fact: she and her husband owe the IRS $70,000.

Melissa Harris-PerryI have friends on the political left, and friends on the political right, and following along with most of America, many friends who are smack-dab in the middle. If I were in the media and had the ambition, I might suggest to CNN, Fox, MSNBC and other programmers that they create a new network and call it something like: “Are You Kidding Me?”

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Al Sharpton and Back Taxes. Why is he not in prison?

Being an ethical observer of society, I am often fascinated by “privilege.” Who gets it, who gets to keep it and who uses it to their advantage?  With significant back taxes owed, the question is why is Al Sharpton not in prison?

Al SharptonFor example, when I watch an NFL game, I am always curious to see the celebrities and the politicos who stand on the sidelines. Most of these folks have never so much as played a down of football, yet there they are, hobnobbing with the defensive linemen. Why? I do not know.

Stars and starlets, congress people and other big shots never wait in lines; not for restaurants or airline check-in or to use the restrooms for that matter.

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