Set Your Team Up for Success
with a Powerful Message
about Sales and Ethics

Motivational Ethics: Positive Choices
for Business Success

Keynote Presentation by Chuck Gallagher

Do you ever wonder if your sales team is more worried about achieving their sales goals than they are about the reputation of the company? The truth is, anyone can get caught up in a vicious cycle of doing whatever it takes to accomplish an objective. But this program provides the positive guidance and motivation needed to keep your sales team, operational group or management leadership on the right track.

In his unusually authentic style, Chuck brings home the consequences of the unethical decisions he made in his own attempt to build the great American dream for himself and his family. Your audience will never forget this powerful presentation filled with messages of success and failure, ethics and illusions, and choices and consequences.

By applying Chuck’s motivational ethics techniques, your team will discover:

Prevent ethical lapses by giving your sales people and leaders the desire to become true assets to your company. Contact Chuck Gallagher directly at (828) 244-1400 to discuss his motivational sales and ethics presentation.