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After the Shock – Becky Sansbury interviewed on Straight Talk Radio with Host Chuck Gallagher

As a hospice chaplain for fourteen years, Becky Sansbury walked beside hundreds of people who were “rocked by shock”.

Awed by their resilience, she vowed to bring their wisdom to the world.

Becky SansburyBecky has combined the ground breaking research in Post Traumatic Growth with her rock solid experience in crisis recovery to create After the Shock™, a resilience building process.

She speaks and consults with businesses, colleges and organizations to equip them to rebound from reaction to resilience, before or after a crisis. Her message of practical hope bridges the gap between good intentions and effective actions.

Becky cares passionately about helping people strengthen their resilience so they can face their fears, find their footing, and move forward with confidence.

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