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Banking Ethics: Two Bankers Seize Opportunity to Steal from Their Clients

Does a profession automatically insulate a person from committing an unethical act? Unfortunately, it does not over the course of time, we have witnessed the clergy, medical doctors, lawyers and stockbrokers all committing fraud even though they take oaths Banking Ethics: JPMorgan Chaseof all different varieties.  When it comes to banking ethics far too often folks have come to expect the worst.

Another profession that we have imagined to be above poor ethics is banking. We have been raised to think of the staid banker in his or her smart suit, passing impassive, analytical, numbers-based judgments, as being above scrutiny. They are seen as being honest to a fault and always having our best interests in mind. This is especially true of private bankers who handle the interests of the extremely wealthy. As it turns out, “not so fast.” Unethical behavior, it appears, has well-established itself in the banking industry.

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