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National Prearranged Services Fraud = Lengthy Prison Sentences

Every choice has a consequence!  And especially in funeral service, when our customers can be highly vulnerable, it is important if not critical to be cautious about the choices made.  That said, lengthy prison sentences were recently handed down in what is one of the largest frauds in Missouri and certainly one of the largest in the funeral services industry.

National PrearrangedSentenced on more than 40 counts of fraud, money laundering, and related crimes, defendants, acting through National Prearranged Services, Inc. received a total of 36 years’ and one month’s incarceration.  These criminals defrauded more than 97,000 customers in more than 16 states, hundreds of funeral homes, and multiple financial institutions, causing more than $450 million in losses.

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National Prearranged Services Officials bring Black Eye to Funeral Industry – Looks like Sutton, Cassity and others have dug themselves a Grave!

Looks like Randall K. Sutton, Sharon Nekol Province, Doug Cassity, Brent Douglas Cassity, Howard A. Wittner, and David R. Wulf, may have two graves in this lifetime – one that will naturally occur at the end of life and the other that they dug for themselves now.  Facing up to 30 years in prison – it’s likely that many named above (if convicted) will spend their last days in federal prison just like Bernie Madoff.

Not that this is any great surprise if you work in the Funeral Profession, but this week the United States Attorney’s Office announced the indictments of six controlling officials of National Prearranged Services, Inc., in a 50-count indictment charging wire, bank, mail, and insurance fraud; money laundering; and multiple conspiracy charges involving the sale of pre-paid funeral services.

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