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Chris Christie Rides into Dallas Like a Cowboy

This could be a story about football, I suppose, or about politics and privilege in America. It shouldn’t necessarily be about Chris Christie though he is a central figure. It is a story about how all of us can become wrapped up in poor choices and the consequences those choices yield.

Chris Christie Jerry JonesAbout two weeks ago, while I was watching the Detroit Lions in their playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys, the camera scanned up to Jerry Jones, Cowboy’s owner, in his owner’s box seated next to a guy who looked remarkably like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. At first I thought it was probably an assistant or an ex-football player; lo and behold, the man was identified as the governor and that is when a few bells and whistles went off in my head.

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When did the electorate go away? Christie tells heckler to shut up.

Politics as we know it have taken a strange turn in our lifetime. Not that this is anything new, but it feels as though the political scene has become strangely disconnected from the electorate. This is neither a Republican, Democrat nor any other party phenomenon; it is “them” versus “us,” and it is almost as though “we” are bothering “them.”

Chris ChristieI would again bring up the disturbing statistic that confidence in the U.S. Congress is approximately 12 percent. We have more confidence in tele-marketers and bankers than we have in congress.

This number again struck me yesterday when I read an online article on Bloomberg by Terrance Dopp (October 29, 2014) entitled: Christie Tells Sandy Heckler in Belmar to ‘Sit Down and Shut Up.’

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