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Sports Ethics: Is the FBI hunting for Tom Brady’s Jersey?

Several years ago, I was in a road race and I came in second. My mom, in an attempt to be funny asked me: “How many were in the race? Two?”  No, it was three. Well, it was actually more like 100 but that’s not the point. My prized medal has gone missing, and I have no idea where. What are my chances of contacting the FBI to help me in my search? I understand they are now specializing in that kind of stuff.

No Axe to Grind

OK all you Pats fans, before you go ballistic in attacking me for being anti-Tom Brady, let me say that in my opinion (for what it’s worth), I think he is the greatest quarterback who has ever played the game, and that includes Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith and anyone else who might come to mind. It isn’t about them either or even Brady.

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The Ethical Fight for Data Encryption

Despite the creation of Homeland Security following 9/11, and the massive bureaucracy it created, I feel no safer walking through airport security now than I did in 1985. The good people at TSA have stopped nothing. They have caught no one. True, they have confiscated firearms, but they were confiscating firearms 30 years ago. They have been most successful in confiscating breast Data Encryption milk, toothpaste, bottled water and frisking 90 year-old, wheelchair-bound WWII veterans.  Now we face issues regarding protection through data encryption.

We are told that TSA is a balance between invading privacy and national security. What it is, is a massive inconvenience and a massive waste of taxpayer money. The joke in regard to airport security is that the people most likely to (God forbid) place an explosive on an airliner are those loading baggage, cleaning (hah!) the aisles and delivering peanuts. No one, it seems, checks them.

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Ashley Madison and the Ethics of Disclosure!

Want to cheat on your spouse?  According to Ashley Madison, a matchmaking website for cheating on spouses, your indiscretion would not be discovered.  In other words, what they don’t know won’t hurt you (or them).

Ashley MadisonThat concept was true until…as reported in the daily news:

Adultery website Ashley Madison was hacked on Tuesday by a group called “The Impact Team,” who then exposed users of the site by leaking their emails on the Dark Web-which can be accessed via Tor browsers.

Several websites took the leaked information and began creating searchable databases that let anyone type in an email to see if it’s part of the Ashley Madison dump. Some of those websites include Trustify and

Every Choice has a Consequence!

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Michael Van Gilder Indicted for Insider Trading – Van Gilder professes Innocence.

If your buddy or close friend shares information about what’s going on with their company, visit in your head ( – made up website) and keep your mouth shut.  You can’t know something that someone else does not know, act on it for personal gain, and expect to remain free.  Van Gilder, a young man, now faces substantial time in federal prison – something that is life changing.

Notice how simply his alleged crime started and how it mushroomed.  There is a lesson here for others to learn!


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Business Ethics and Fraud Prevention Speaker Chuck Gallagher addresses FBI Conference


Business Ethics and Fraud Prevention

Business Ethics and Fraud Prevention.

CHOICES: Negative Consequences – Positive Results

Chuck Gallagher Shares the Impact of Choices

at a Time when Ethical Choices seem to be missing from Business Culture

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