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The Strange Ethics of Airline Security

It has happened yet again. Airline security has been breached, and it had nothing to do with the passengers. The latest case of a security breakdown has occurred overseas to an airline called JetStar.

The airline worker was caught on video as he was opening passenger bags in the luggage holds of an airliner that was about to depart. He was stealing the contents. The airline upon seeing the video vowed a full investigation.  This is airline security gone wrong – clearly an ethics breach.  A spokesperson said in part:

“We have launched an immediate investigation and will work with Airports of Thailand, our ground handler BAGS and our local security company to ensure the security of our customers’ property on-board our flights,” the statement continued.

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Ethics in the TSA – Smurfing?

If we wanted to pick just one example of a governmental agency that is badly in need of ethical training, it would be the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). That’s the agency that most travelers love to hate.  Ethics in the TSA may be by some considered an oxymoron.

Ethics in the TSAIt is a given that TSA ineptitude is leading to longer lines at virtually every airport in the nation. When “they” tell us to leave plenty of time when traveling most anywhere, the powers that be at TSA are not kidding. More than 15 years after the tragedy of 9/11, the technology required to screen travelers has not really improved. It takes us longer to go through the lines and the treatment of travelers has become more intrusive and more ineffective.  Many question if there are ethics in the TSA.

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The Ethical Fight for Data Encryption

Despite the creation of Homeland Security following 9/11, and the massive bureaucracy it created, I feel no safer walking through airport security now than I did in 1985. The good people at TSA have stopped nothing. They have caught no one. True, they have confiscated firearms, but they were confiscating firearms 30 years ago. They have been most successful in confiscating breast Data Encryption milk, toothpaste, bottled water and frisking 90 year-old, wheelchair-bound WWII veterans.  Now we face issues regarding protection through data encryption.

We are told that TSA is a balance between invading privacy and national security. What it is, is a massive inconvenience and a massive waste of taxpayer money. The joke in regard to airport security is that the people most likely to (God forbid) place an explosive on an airliner are those loading baggage, cleaning (hah!) the aisles and delivering peanuts. No one, it seems, checks them.

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TSA’s Douglas DeWeese Steals from Luggage!

Honey I thought I packed that?  Oops…maybe you did, but someone with sticky fingers got hold of your precious belongings before it made it to the plane.  TSA Inspected SuitcaseSeems that Douglas Wayne DeWeese, 55, of Damascus, Maryland, had sticky fingers.  A former TSA agent, DeWeese just couldn’t help himself when it came to removing items (he must have deemed others didn’t need) from passenger luggage.

Of course every choice has a consequence!  DeWeese was sentenced to 10 months in prison for theft of property in interstate commerce, along with two years of supervised release and restitution.

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TSA Messes Up; 632 Million Travelers Groan

The news hit the media yesterday that Melvin Carraway, Acting Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration has been kicked to the curb after the system was “challenged” and had a 95 percent failure rate.

TSAA massive, system-wide set of security breaches was discovered and in 70 tests, 67 pretend “terrorists” got through the crack cadre of TSA agents whose duty it is to protect our transportation system.

In the years since 2001; and many billions of dollars of waste later, I fear the only thing standing between the safety of flying and the chaos of terrorism is the basic decency and goodwill of my fellow Americans.

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Delta Worker Allegedly Helped Smuggle Guns on Planes – So Happy You Frisked My Elderly Mother

I am constantly amazed at how my fellow airline travelers, normally reasonably nice and good human beings, can turn into crazy people the minute they walk through the doors of any airport in America. Many turn rude, hostile and increasingly pre-occupied with self the closer they get to the gate. I hope I am not “one of them,” but I have come to completely understand.

Delta AirlinesThe entire process of security screening is demeaning. Yes, I know all about TSA pre-checks and the clear card, but despite the so-called time savers, something – or someone – always seems to slow the process down. It’s usually TSA. TSA would have us believe they have saved us from something, but I maintain the technology is so antiquated and silly that it turns relatively nice people into angry and rude people. Remember those machines that supposedly didn’t reveal anything? Well, they did.

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Two Ethical Tales with Different Endings – Aldon Smith and Christine Michael

It was quite interesting for me to scan the sports news yesterday, for there, and in just a few hours we saw two different athletes make decisions and reap the ethical consequences of those decisions. They are both very gifted athletes and play in the NFL.  And they both share ethical tales with very different endings.

Aldon SmithThe first player, 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith, was going on a trip and at the San Francisco Airport, he was selected for secondary screening before boarding a flight. I have gone through that inconvenience myself, and so too several associates. It’s not that I enjoy the process, but it takes a few seconds, TSA is courteous about it and you go on your way. When they asked Smith, age 24, if he wouldn’t mind having his carry-on searched he instead got belligerent. In fact, after being searched he told the agents he had a bomb and then he walked away. Naturally, TSA didn’t like that and he was descended upon by several agents who led him away in handcuffs while he continued his verbal confrontation.

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