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HR Question: Using Social Media in Hiring – Is it Ethical?

Here’s a question I have asked students at the University of Florida, University of North Georgia, Baylor, Gardner-Webb University and a host of others: Is it ethical for me (as an employer) to view your social media sites and use that content to help me make a hiring decision?

What do you think the student response is?

Social MediaWhat I heard from students was a resounding NO!  Yet, the frequent use of technology in the workplace is undeniable creating a digital footprint of who we are (or profess to be on line).  Some employers ban social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, recognizing that the use of social media can not only be a distraction from work, but a temptation to act unethically.  Other companies find that they closely are monitoring employee postings.  Yet others use social media in hiring and performance evaluations.

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We Don’t Hire Convicted Felons! Raising the HR Bar’s Blog may Change Your Mind!

Scanning media for great examples of what to do or what not to do, a great blog came across my desk the other day and frankly it was worth a read and then a second read.  One of my clients proudly stated at a meeting where I was hired as their keynote speaker, “We don’t hire convicted felons.”  Hum…well here’s a link to the original blog – “Does Your Hiring Policy Exclude Ex-Con’s?  Watch Out!”  Perhaps you, too, will be interested in this eye opening blog post!

Convicted FelonWhat caught my attention is the content related to new EEOC guidelines regarding the use of criminal background data in employment decisions.  This material is important and worth the time to read.  It is reprinted in it’s entirety below.

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