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Interview with Stephen Ebbett – President of

Interview with Stephen Ebbett – President of ProtectYourBubble


  • is a new site that offers the opportunity to secure insurance for valuable assets.  What motivated you to create such a site?’s purpose is to provide protection for the things in your life you might not always think to insure, but are very important to you, at an affordable price. Our #1 focus is to offer great coverage at an affordable price. We work hard to develop all of our products around this philosophy.

  • What types of assets do you protect? provides lifestyle insurance for the modern consumer. Policies provide coverage for things like mobile devices, appliances, computers, travel, rental car damage protection, pets, renter’s insurance, and even identity theft protection.

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Prison Grievances: When to Write, How to Write by Terri LeClercq, Ph.D

Terri LeClercq, Ph.D. in English and University of Texas law school faculty, discovered a need, so she wrote a book for inmates.  The book, Prison Grievances:  when to write, how to write, was just listed by Hottest Books as a best-seller—even though it is a graphic novel with a ‘specialized’ audience.  Prison    $10

Q:             Obviously, something happened to cause an English professor to write a comic book for inmates.

A:             Oh, my, yes!  I taught college composition, then legal writing, for over 30 years.  The books I wrote were about the art of writing.  Before all this, I didn’t know the difference between a jail and a prison.

Q:             Did you get arrested?

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The Balancing Act – A Lifetime TV Interview with Chuck Gallagher Ethics Speaker

Recently, I was interviewed on a Lifetime show – The Balancing Act – and received a transcript of the interview along with a YouTube copy of the interview.  As a business ethics speaker and author of the book – Second Chances, I thought I would share the transcript here!

Danielle:  When growing up, my parents had this plaque over the fireplace that read “School of Hard Knocks”.  But, they weren’t just referring to our last name, they were referring to a level of education gained by sometimes negative life experiences.  My next guest says you don’t have to get that degree to transform adversity into opportunity.

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