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Senior Audit Partner at KPMG Charged With Insider Trading Part I

I suppose I could call this blog post “Beware of People Wearing Fancy Suits,” or “Why Every Accountant Needs Annual Ethical Tune-up,” but that would be unfair to tailors and accountants everywhere…and as a former CPA and now a business ethics speaker and author I don’t wish to be unfair.

Ex-KPMG Partner Scott London Charged With Insider TradingInstead, I will focus on one company, KPMG and more specifically, their former Chief of Audit Practice (a Senior Audit Partner) in their southwestern office. It is necessary to also state that this is not an indictment of KPMG, but of one man who stretched ethical boundaries until they snapped in his face. This blog will detail the crime and in Part II, we will talk about the “why” of it all.

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