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Toya Graham vs Audrey Dimitrew – A Stark Ethical Difference

So close but yet so far.  Different perspectives and worlds apart separate the parental roles comparing Audrey Dimitrew whose family is suing the Chesapeake Regional Volleyball Association vs the mother, Toya Graham, in Baltimore who pulled her son from getting involved in inner city riots.  Ethically I can’t seem to shake the stark difference between Toya Graham and Audrey Toya GrahamDimitrew, both taking action for their child, yet both setting starkly different examples.

For a point of reference, Fairfax, Virginia and Baltimore, Maryland are about 60 miles from one another (as the car drives). As someone who speaks on ethics nationwide, I am always curious about ethical parallels and how people handle the challenges in their lives in different ways – and what it says about our society. This tale occurs in an hour’s distance.

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SKANSKA – A Shining Example of Positive Business Ethics

In this Lindsay Lohan-like drama addicted nation, sometimes it seems business ethics is nothing other than something to fall back on when the red lights are in your rear view mirror or a lawyer in a black cloak bangs a gavel in front of you and a man who can now put their kids through college thanks to our signature. When asked to explain their deeds, many accuse the consistently heightening competition as the reason. However, being at the forefront of the debate on ethics, I am happy to see the moral aspect is not only getting its good name back but having a positive aftermath for both any company that assists this turn for the better as well as the world.

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