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News Media Fanning the Ethical Flames

A terrible snowstorm just blew across a large swath of the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, from roughly the Washington D.C. area to Southern Connecticut. To be sure, other areas got dumped upon, but nowhere near the severity that hit the affected areas.

News Media Ethical FlamesUpwards of 35 people died of situations related to the snowfall, and while we might be splitting hairs in regards to what “related” means, a lot more deaths might have occurred had the New York City Police Department and other agencies not talked tough.

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A Picture of Unethical Evil: Farid Fata, M.D.

Can we possibly imagine the appearance of the person who has a complete lack of ethics? Is the person young or old? Is this person well-groomed or slovenly? Is it the face of a man or woman? Is the person rich or poor, sour in expression or seemingly happy? The answer to these questions of course, is “yes.” It can be all of these things, plus any skin color, religion, country of Dr. Farid Fataorigin, degree of education or marital status.

However (and for the sake of this blog), the face of ethical evil is a physician originally trained in Lebanon but associated with the finest U.S. teaching hospitals, board certified, extremely wealthy (owns 7 clinics) and lives in Michigan. His name is Farid Fata and he has been charged with bullying more than 500 patients into getting chemotherapy treatments for cancers they never had. He used more than 500 patients as cash machines, giving them more than 9,000 painful injections of chemotherapy drugs they never needed.

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5 Ethical Issues facing Physicians Today

What do you think are 5 ethical issues facing physicians today? From an ethical standpoint, there has probably never been a more difficult time to be a physician than in today’s climate of rising insurance costs, malpractice claims, end of life matters, elective Medical Ethicssurgical procedures, social media and pharmaceutical advertising. Numerous surveys and articles have been written on what are considered the most important ethical dilemmas.

We have reviewed several reports on these ethical dilemmas and matched the more important items that they seem to have in common.

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Follow-up on Joan Rivers: Lack of Medical Ethics run Amok

Shortly after Joan Rivers passed away on September 4, 2014, I wrote a blog that mused over how and why, the comedienne might have died. Now we have to no longer make up stories, and couch our theories. It is true, all of it.

Joan RiversIn an online article (ETonline) published on November 11, 2014 and entitled: “Melissa Rivers ‘Outraged;’ Death Investigation Finds Multiple Failings in Joan Rivers’ Medical Procedure,” we learn that:

“In a further investigation into the death of the comedienne, the Department of Health released Monday that errors made at Yorkville Endoscopy included failure to keep proper medication records and snapping photos while Joan was unconscious.

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Dr. Nancy Snyderman in Hot Ethical Water over Ebola

As I start this blog, I am reminded of a story that occurred many years ago in Boulder, Colorado. The local newspaper employed an environmental editor who staunchly railed against the terrible human impact on the environment. One fine Sunday, she decided to take a hike (literally) on a trail that had been closed to hikers so it could restore itself – and she then decided to report how the trail was coming back to life. Naturally, all of the other hikers exploded in anger. Soon after her column disappeared.

Dr. Nancy SnydermanIn an Associated Press article by David Bauder (October 20, 2014) entitled: “NBC’s Snyderman faces credibility issues,” we hear of the troubles of Dr. Nancy Snyderman who is the chief medical editor for NBC News. According to the article:

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Media Ethics: Be careful what you wish for

I often warn my business and government audiences to be extremely careful of making statements around the media. Be prepared to back up everything you say.  Often Media Ethics are nonexistent or sorely lacking.

jenny_mccarthyIt is not that all individuals within the media are necessarily bad people; over the years I have met some fine reporters and editors. But recently, I have encountered untrained and unaware individuals who do not understand the elements of a balanced story or of good journalism.

We all know the media has changed. Due to the explosion of broadcast outlets in addition to the competitive nature of the business, inaccuracies abound. Sometimes, the lack of fact checking becomes unethical. Why would stories be published based on rumor or innuendo? Because they can. Your very best defense is always the truth.

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