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Medicare Fraud: What’s Motivating the Increase?

Medicare fraud is a very real problem and one that is affecting every American citizen, regardless of whether or not they make use of Medicare services. This is summed up by the Director of the FBI, James B. Comey, who stated in a testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee at the beginning of the month that: “We have witnessed an increase in health care fraud in recent years, including Medicare/Medicaid fraud, pharmaceutical fraud, and illegal medical billing practices. Health care spending currently makes up about 18 percent of our nation’s total economy. Medicare FraudThese large sums present an attractive target for criminals. Health care fraud is not a victimless crime. Every person who pays for health care benefits, every business that pays higher insurance costs to cover their employees, and every taxpayer who funds Medicare is a victim.”

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Hickory, NC Physician – Wayne Wilson – Guilty of Medicare Fraud

What motivates a smart person to make dumb unethical choices – choices that have long lasting consequences?  That question will be best answered by Dr. Wayne Wilson, 54, Hickory, NC, who entered a guilty plea to health care fraud charges for submitting to Medicare and Medicaid over $467,376 in fraudulent reimbursement claims.

Wayne Wilson, MDWhat was he thinking?

According to filed court documents, Wilson is a licensed family practitioner and owner and operator of Wayne Wilson, MD Family Practice (the Practice) located in Hickory.  Wilson admitted that from 2007 to 2014, he engaged in a scheme to defraud Medicare and Medicaid by submitting fraudulent reimbursement claims totaling more than $467,376 for services that were never provided to beneficiaries.  The fraudulent claims resulted in payments of at least $210,120 to Wilson and the Practice.

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Medicare Fraud Runs Rampant

When a friend forwarded this widely circulated CNN-Money news article the other day, I thanked him for his kindness but told him, “Oh I’ve already seen it.” I owe my friend an apology; it was new information and a whole new set of fraudulent charges and rotten ethics.

Medicare Fraud

Medicare Fraud

The article, by Katie Lobosco, entitled: “Doctors and nurses busted for $712 million Medicare fraud,” states:

“The FBI arrested 46 doctors and nurses across the country this week in the largest Medicare fraud bust ever. In total, 243 people were arrested in 17 cities for allegedly billing Medicare for $712 million worth of patient care that was never given or unnecessary.”

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