Banning the Box: How Much Do We Believe in Second Chances?

Let us imagine that when we were younger – and maybe a lot more stupid, we committed a crime. Or even a series of crimes. Nothing terribly violent mind you, but something stupid or impulsive or desperate. Suppose, for example, we used drugs and we were caught; not once, maybe two or three times – and we landed in jail.

Second ChancesLet us again imagine that we served our time and did all that was required of us to satisfy the law. We vowed to never screw up again. We made good on our promise to our family, friends and most importantly, to ourselves. Maybe we went back to college or a technical school; we earned a certificate or a license or a degree. We never touched drugs again.

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Tiger Woods, Nike Close to Massive New Endorsement Deal – Second Chances?

In his column in CNN’s Bleacher Report, columnist Jesse Reed reported (June 3, 2013), that Tiger Woods was about to sign a new mega-million dollar deal with his long-time sponsor Nike. The deal should be inked by mid-June.

Tiger Woods“Right now, Woods is a phoenix rising from the ashes,” said Reed, “and Nike wants to take full advantage of its most prestigious star.”

Most of America, if not the entire golf playing world, is familiar with the downfall of Tiger Woods. On November 27, 2009, it was reported that Woods was involved in an accident when his SUV rammed into a fire hydrant.

It would become the least of his problems.

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Ethical Question: Should Anthony Weiner be given a Second Chance?

When it comes to ethical questions there are some dandy ones out there…just like the question associated with Anthony Weiner.

Suppose we have committed an ethical blunder of massive proportions; so much so, that we make it to national media where we have to stand in front of Anthony Weinermillions of people and confess to our wrong-doings. Suppose our blunder brought shame and embarrassment upon our spouses, families, associates and organizations.

Imagine after the confessions and humiliation you let a little time pass, and applied for an almost identical job in the same career field. Should you be allowed to do so?

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Second Chances – Gaining through Adversity

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Sir Winston Churchill

Second ChancesAdversity is one of those words that when we hear it or it comes our way our inclination is to run and hide from it. It feels frightening and uncomfortable. Then there are those who choose adversity either as an outcome to wrong ethical or moral choices or as a means to an end.

Adversity can be a gift, full of hidden jewels or it can be a dreaded part of life that leaves us feeling depleted, depressed and discouraged. How we perceive, receive and respond to adversity depends on nature (our innate personality), nurture (our primary caretakers influence) and autonomous choice (adulthood).

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Diederik Stapel – When a Lie Becomes Reality – by Mary Auda

Mary Auda is my very good friend and someone I have worked with in many different capacities since 1998 (two years following my release from prison).  Mary is a guest blogger here and will co-author blogs with me from time to time.  This is her first as author on my new updated site.

“I was such a good liar.  It came natural to me.  I probably could have passed a lie detector test,” Chuck Gallagher shared with me in an interview I did with him as he was working on his book – Second Chances.

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The Balancing Act – A Lifetime TV Interview with Chuck Gallagher Ethics Speaker

Recently, I was interviewed on a Lifetime show – The Balancing Act – and received a transcript of the interview along with a YouTube copy of the interview.  As a business ethics speaker and author of the book – Second Chances, I thought I would share the transcript here!

Danielle:  When growing up, my parents had this plaque over the fireplace that read “School of Hard Knocks”.  But, they weren’t just referring to our last name, they were referring to a level of education gained by sometimes negative life experiences.  My next guest says you don’t have to get that degree to transform adversity into opportunity.

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