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Reddit: Who Controls the Ethics of the Social Media?

It is very important to begin this post by saying, “It’s not about the politics!” The ethical topic before us is who is controlling the social media and what the lessons we need to all learn are from social media misuse.

social mediaTo greatly simplify the discussion, I will just say Reddit is a social media site that was founded in 2005 primarily by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian. Reddit is an aggregation site that pulls together comments and commentary, discussion and special interests from throughout the world.

Within Reddit are numerous, “sub-Reddits,” or discussion areas. For example, if medical research or water coloring interests you, there are discussion areas for that. It is estimated that about 6% of all adult internet users have explored or are active on Reddit. Overwhelmingly, the site is Millennial. The age range of the typical user is 18 to 29. The orientation of Reddit is left leaning, as is their First Amendment right.

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Facebook: The Ethics of Ad Blocking

If someone had awakened from a 20 year nap and listened to the debate on the Ethics of Ad Blocking, they might decide to go back to sleep. The ethical implications of this issue are overwhelming, and are a harbinger of online debates to come.  And at the forefront is Facebook!

The Ethics of Ad BlockingIf you use the internet, you are all too aware of advertising pop-up displays. They are generally obnoxious. To call the pop-up ads disturbing to the reading of content is a major understatement. About 200 million of us use Ad Blocking software on our computers and a whopping 420 use Ad Blocking on our hand-held devices. We hate them and this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ethics of ad blocking.

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Law Enforcement Ethics, Free Speech and Social Media

Let’s take a moment and review law enforcement ethics. Here are three statements one of which is not true, care to guess which one?  I am entitled to my opinion.  I have the liberty to express my opinion.  Because of my liberty to express my opinion, there will be no consequence to such expressed opinion.  Oh, and these statements all apply to law enforcement officials.

Law Enforcement EthicsEvery choice has a consequence.  And, if you express your opinion on social media publicly and assume no consequence you are woefully misguided.  Like it or not, you are not free to express your liberty of free speech on social media and assume that there will be no consequence.  Below you will find examples of law enforcement ethics in action.

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Social Media Ethics Issues – Dumb and Stupid with Real Consequences

Social Media ethics issues have created a troubling trend in our society. As first reported back in January 16, 2012, in a report by the Ethics Resource Center, there is an erosion in ethical behavior in both business and social settings that has been linked to a misuse of the social media.

Social Media Ethics Issues

Social Media Ethics Issues

To quote from the article:

“The proliferation of social media in the workplace is contributing to the ethical slide in many businesses. Active social networkers are far more likely to experience pressure to compromise standards and to experience retaliation for reporting misconduct than co-workers who are less involved with social networking, according to the study.”

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Nude Pics – Please Spare Us the Outrage Kim, Kate and Kaley

This isn’t a blog about Clay Aiken, though he did make a statement to the Washington Post that bares (er sorry, bears) repeating: “Anybody who takes inappropriate pictures of themselves deserves exactly what they get.”  Nude pics are just plain stupid as they’re likely to show up in the strangest places – like the internet!

jennifer-lawrence-2013-4In the latest celebrity “news,” Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton, Kaley Cuoco, Kim Kardashian, Meagan Good, Vanessa Hudgens and Gabrielle Union have all fallen “victim” to leaked, nude pictures of themselves.

Naturally, the attorneys, public relations people, gossip columnists and many adoring fans are rushing to defend the women. However, I must say it is difficult for me to begin to rush into an ethical defense of these poor, innocent souls whose privacy has been compromised.

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Reality in the age of Entitlement – Justine Sacco Meets Ethics

In an article written by Brian Stetler for CNN (December 21, 2013), entitled: “Company parts ways with PR exec after AIDS in Africa tweet,” we are once again reminded that no one is above ethics. A lack of ethics will catch up with successful executives, world class athletes, a renowned physician or even a public relations star. In this case, the star’s name is Justine Sacco who worked for a PR agency named IAC.

Justine SaccoMs. Sacco, enroute to South Africa for an extensive vacation, sent out a “tweet” that some critics have named: the “tweet heard round the world.” Her use of the social media resulted in her firing but more so, gave us a troubling look inside her soul. The 140 keystroke message said: “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”

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Ethics by Proxy – Matthew Cordle Confesses to DWI and Vehicular Homicide on YouTube

When we entered the era of social media not all that long ago, did we also enter an era of different ethical behavior? The following story is one of those “Maybe Yes and Maybe No” moments.

michaelcordleThe case concerns a 22 year old man who, on June 22, 2013, was out drinking with his friends at a local bar. He drank so much, he was on the verge of “blacking out,” when he got into his vehicle, put the key in the ignition and drove off into the night. Unfortunately, he was so drunk he entered a highway in the wrong direction and slammed into another vehicle. He killed the other driver, a 61 year old man who was obviously in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Ethics in Social Media – Why the Secret Service had to Apologize for a Twitter feed…Wonder how Fox feels about this?

Ethics in social media: Every choice has a consequence!  I open all my ethics presentations with that statement…yet, when it comes to the Secret Service – well I suspect the consequence is “secret”!

A CNN report stated the following:

Ethics in Social Media

Ethics in Social Media .

The Secret Service is apologizing Wednesday after an employee’s personal dislike for Fox News landed in an official tweet.

The message, posted Wednesday on the @SecretService Twitter account read, “Had to monitor Fox for a story. Can’t. Deal. With. The. Blathering.”

According to the agency, the tweet was “immediately removed” and an “internal follow-up” is underway.

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Prospective employers checking you out on Facebook not ethical? Get over it.

Prospective employers checking you out on Facebook not ethical? Get over it.

Prospective employers checking you out on Facebook not ethical? Get over it.

Is it ethical for a company to use what you freely post on a social networking site as part of their decision making process? Prospective employers checking you out on Facebook not ethical? Get over it.

I posed that question the other day to a group of students at Queen’s Business School in Kingston, Ontario.  The answers I got were interesting; they generally saw sites like Facebook as just that: a social networking tool. And they didn’t generally connect that a prospective employer has an ethical right to base their hiring decision on what a candidate posts online in their off hours.

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Students – It’s Time to Think of Facebook in a Different Light! Comments by Business Ethics Speaker Chuck Gallagher

Facebook – on of the fastest growing social networking sites can be awesome or can be a curse. Started by a young man who wanted to keep up with his friends, Facebook has become an outstanding tool. Likewise, like any tool, how you use it determines whether it will serve you or hurt you.

It's Time to Think of Facebook in a Different Light

Photo Credit: HTSABO

As a business ethics speaker, I talk to college groups all around the country about effective uses of Facebook and other social networking sites. The creative application of Facebook could make the difference in whether you get that first job (the one you really want) or don’t. The question is – “Is Facebook a tool for business or a public garbage dump for how you feel at the moment?” facebook-logo

Here’s a garbage dump example:

A Calvin College student has been suspended for one year over a lewd Facebook message he allegedly posted about an ex-girlfriend.

According to an article in The Grand Rapids Press, a message about an ex was posted from Tony Harris’s account in November that “referred to the woman in two slang terms and referenced sexuality.” Calvin officials did not return calls from The Chronicle, but the newspaper reported that the college cited Mr. Harris, a sophomore, for violating technology and conduct codes at the institution, which refers to itself as “distinctively Christian.”

The acceptable-use policy on the college’s Web site prohibits “communication that degrades or harasses individuals or groups.”

Mr. Harris, who not respond to requests for comment from The Chronicle, has insisted that the ex-girlfriend, who he said knew his Facebook password, logged in to his account and sent the message herself, presumably to frame him, the newspaper reports. Calvin officials were apparently unconvinced.

In order to resume his studies at Calvin in a year, Mr. Harris will need to re-apply to the college and recant the Facebook message, according to report. —Steve Kolowich

Now, ethically speaking, Mr. Harris used Facebook as a public garbage dump for how he felt about his ex-girlfriend. Not only was that less than honorable, but it had repercussions far greater than Mr. Harris would have expected when he posted his thoughts or feelings.

Every choice has a consequence.

The Consequence: Kicked out of school! Not allowed to return without reapplying and who knows what other repercussions he is experiencing from his ex-girlfriend and parents. In fact, one might wonder how many girl would now want to be his girlfriend since he has demonstrated that he might not honor them when they part?

There’s a saying – “garbage in — garbage out.”

While Facebook may have been started as a social networking site, it is rapidly becoming a “product/person differentiation site”. In other words, with Facebook being public and searchable, people of all ages who use it should consider that it is nothing more than a personal web site. What you put on there is your advertisement of yourself. If you want to sell yourself, you need to consider what you say and how you position yourself.

Facebook is a powerful tool – use it to your advantage!

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