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Create Success: 5 Choices that will Change Your Life

In life, you have is one thing, and that is CHOICE! Your choices create the life you live and your life experiences. Since every choice has a consequence, great choices lead to outstanding consequences. Likewise, poor choices create some powerful lessons. The truth is every adversity becomes an opportunity for you.  You have the power to create success!

Create SuccessHere we seek the 5 choices that will lead you to create success and change your life! Learn how to choose success every single time. It is a decision that only you can make. Success isn’t given to anyone on a platter. You have to create it to obtain it; and you do so, by the choices you make on a daily basis.

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Want Success? Exploring what will get you there!

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Why Do Smart People Make Dumb Choices?

Every week, sometimes more than once a week, I get the question from someone in my training classes – “Why do Why Do Smart People make Dumb Choicessmart people make dumb choices?”  I have to admit I am a bit humored, since I was once one of those “smart people” that made a really dumb choice.  That choice created a consequence that was life changing – prison!  But that’s a different story for another article.

It could happen to you!

Time out.  “Not me,” you might say!  “Yes You,” sorry but the truth is the truth.  You see most people are wired to make honest ethical choices (Critical Part Here) as long as life is in balance.

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5 Ways to Fix Failure – Or Prevent It!

Why is it that we cheer SUCCESS and yet most people expect failure?  A dear friend of mine shared two ideas with me, neither of which I liked, but both of which seemed to be true over time.  First, he said that people are motivated more by the fear of loss than 5 Ways to Fix Failurethe desire for gain.  Second, an the one that irritated me most, was his statement: “No good deed goes unpunished.”  If you want to find success then adopt these 5 ways to fix failure.

Both of these statements or concepts rubbed against my grain.  Yet, having worked with thousands of people over my close to 40 year career, the truth is – FEAR – is likely the most powerful motivating emotional force that humans experience.

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Six Key Characteristics of Successful People

At one time, now more than 25 years ago, I had a belief that success was measured by the external – what position one had in society, the house I live in, the clothes I wore, the car I drove and how much money I had. While there is nothing wrong with nice things, they don’t define “success.” Easy for me to say now, but it wasn’t until I was in prison, that I understood there was more to Six Key Characteristics of Successful Peoplesuccess than the external. Success had to begin from the inside out and I was clearly set to be a work in progress. Incarceration was a transformative time for me and over the course of that time, in conversations with Buck, my cellmate, I became aware there are six key characteristics of successful people.

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Seven Secrets to Becoming a Victor not a Victim

I entered prison leaving behind my family, my work and my best friend. It was a place I never planned I would be at any time of my life. I questioned why I was there. After all, I paid restitution. I went in as a victim and came out a victor. Becoming a Victor is Becoming a Victora choice. If I listened to the people who told me I would never get a job as a convicted felon, I would have been on unemployment and a prison statistic. If I listened to the people who judged and condemned me for the choices I made that led to my incarceration, I would not have experienced all that I am today. In this blog, I share with you the seven secrets to becoming a victor and not a victim.

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Five Ways Transparency Creates Success

In life we have many choices, but rarely are we faced with ones that can create a foundation for success or failure like “transparency” can. It’s easy to live in illusion, in fact we’re most often subconsciously taught that. But if you want to find success in life you might want to consider the five ways transparency creates success.

Transparency Creates Success“By being transparent about the reality of who we are and our experiences, we give permission to other people to do the same.” Chuck Gallagher, Second Chances, Transforming Adversity into Opportunity

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The Secret to Success: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Imagine you own a shoe store. You advertise for a sale, but there’s a typo: a popular pair of shoes you plan to sell for $49.99 is marked for $9.99. The morning of the sale, there’s a line around the block. Do you announce the mistake? Or do you honor the price?

Secret to SuccessSometimes, the right decision is clear. Other times, it can be more difficult. It isn’t wrong to correct the ad. After all, the store will make a larger profit. But honoring the printed price will lead to customer loyalty, which in the end may put your business ahead of the competition. And, if you’re honest, honoring the price is just the right thing to do.

Are you willing to do the right thing, even when it’s not easy?

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Truth vs Illusion: The Path to Success

How far are you willing to go to succeed?

It isn’t hard to create an image of who you want to be. But how much of that image is reality? If celebrities have a good publicist,

Truth vs Illusionthey can create a picture-perfect life. If a company hires a good public relations team, the sky’s the limit. Even on a personal level, everyone has that friend who seems to have it all together.  The challenge is separating the truth vs illusion.

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Ethical Success! When Inspiration meets Destiny

“A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it”. (Jean De La Fontaine)  How is it that once can truly find Ethical Success?

InspirationMany people go through life searching for meaning and purpose. Some people don’t think about anything other than what they are doing today, while other folks do nothing but dream. The question that many find hard to answer is, how does what I do today tie into my dreams and destiny?

When we get caught up in the toils of everyday life, we often find that our awareness is clouded by daily activities. Perhaps it’s hard to see how what we do can have greater meaning and purpose in life, let alone manifest an outstanding destiny. One thing is for sure; deep down we all want our life to mean something.

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