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Ethics in Education: Who Teaches Our Educators a Sense of Ethics?

Last week, we discussed a case where principals took huge bribes, and in the past we have talked about improper behavior among teachers. This week, I must turn my attention to para-professionals.  This case is an issue of ethics in education.

The case in question involves a video taken of a mental health para-professional in Brooklyn, New York who punched an 11 Ethics in Educationyear-old autistic boy in the school cafeteria in the summer of 2014. The boy allegedly made a racial remark.

I need to stop at this point and say that no one is as adamantly opposed to racism in any form as am I. It is abhorrent to me. However, in this particular case, I am not so certain what we are looking at is racism so much as a lack of training for a very difficult job and a lack of compassion for what these people go through on a daily basis.

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Fifth Third Bank fined for unethical lending practices

When this story first landed on my desk, I had to admit that I did a double-take. Was this an item from 1955 or from 2015? No, I was not wrong.

Fifth Third BankIn an article for, writer Tara Baukus Mello, let us into the world of Fifth Third Bank, an indirect auto loan lender. The bank works with car dealerships across the nation. According to the article “Auto lender fined for discrimination,” the writer reveals the following:

“The federal agencies found that Fifth Third allowed the auto dealers it works with to charge a higher markup rate to African-American and Hispanic buyers than to buyers of other ethnicities. Marking up car loan rates is common practice, as it generates additional profit for the dealer while giving them the discretion to charge consumers different rates on car loans based on their creditworthiness.”

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Ethically: Is Rachel Dolezal is more divisive than healing?

There is an inconvenient truth at hand; Rachel Dolezal is a poseur.

Rachel Dolezal isn't black

Rachel Dolezal isn’t black

There is a backlash to political correctness that is finally taken hold across America, and for the most part it is a healthy and much needed reaction to a stifling and crippling trend. As a society, we have become so hyper-sensitive, so “offended” and so “outraged” to anything that is being said, that nothing gets said.

We have lost our ability to laugh at ourselves and to laugh at each other. The real downside is that political correctness covers up truth, honesty and open dialog. The keepers of politically-correct thought are, of course ethically suspicious. They are so concerned with what we say, we never quite understand what they stand for; indeed, we often catch the “keepers” in their own lies.

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Riley Cooper and the Ethics of Second Chances

It is quite easy to dodge ethical questions involving race, religion and sexism especially as they relate to sports. However, as I have been asked about Riley Riley CooperCooper, I thought I would open it up to an ethical discussion.

To provide a little background we must go back to June 2013 and to a Kenny Chesney concert. At such events, it is essential that thousands of people must be managed in order to maintain a safe venue, chain-link fences and security guards are posted for crowd control.

Let us also not forget that at such concerts virtually every concert attendee has a Smartphone with a recording device and camera. This fact will come into play shortly.

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