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David Eccles School of Business and the Temptation of Money – Is Most Unethical Behavior linked to Money?

Are some people hard-wired to do unethical things around money? It is an interesting question that definitely carries the ring of truth. The website posted a very interesting article entitled: “Study Shows Money Cues Can Trigger Unethical Behavior.”

David EcclesThe University of Utah, David Eccles School of Business recently conducted a series of tests where participants, were exposed to a number of cues involving money. The cues were intended to put them in a business frame of mind, that resulted in “causing them to think narrowly in terms of cost-benefit calculations and pursuing their own interests to the exclusion of moral considerations.” (My italics!)

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But I Was Only Borrowing Money! An Ethical Dilemma

What causes people to make unethical choices when they know it is wrong? Ask someone who has stolen money – did you ever think of yourself as a thief? Their answer is always a resounding – No! Yet, their unethical choices tend to lead them to disastrous consequences.

Ethical Dilemma, borrowing moneyAs a Motivational Speaker, no matter how much I share my story, people continue making unethical choices. What really saddens me is to watch people I know enter into ethical dilemmas after all I experienced and all that I share. I certainly do not withhold sharing my story, believing that telling my story helps other people.

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