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The Ethical World of Halloween Political Correctness

Who controls what is “correct,” and who doesn’t? The politics of political correctness has even reached its tentacles into the celebration of Halloween. It is an issue outside of what we normally discuss, but I believe it has ramifications into our everyday ethical life.  Halloween political correctness in an ethics blog – go figure!

halloween-political-correctnessIn the latest politically correct salvo, the University of Florida is actually offering psychological counseling for any students who are offended by Halloween costumes.  Seriously – this is Halloween political correctness taken to an absurd level.

In a blog written by the university last week it stated:

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HR Question: Using Social Media in Hiring – Is it Ethical?

Here’s a question I have asked students at the University of Florida, University of North Georgia, Baylor, Gardner-Webb University and a host of others: Is it ethical for me (as an employer) to view your social media sites and use that content to help me make a hiring decision?

What do you think the student response is?

Social MediaWhat I heard from students was a resounding NO!  Yet, the frequent use of technology in the workplace is undeniable creating a digital footprint of who we are (or profess to be on line).  Some employers ban social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, recognizing that the use of social media can not only be a distraction from work, but a temptation to act unethically.  Other companies find that they closely are monitoring employee postings.  Yet others use social media in hiring and performance evaluations.

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University Ethics Presentations – A Report from the University of Florida on Business Ethics Speaker Chuck Gallagher

A Report from the University of Florida on Business Ethics .

A Report from the University of Florida on Business Ethics .

A Report from the University of Florida on Business Ethics: I must admit, as a speaking professional, I enjoy presentations to University students.  First, they are open to exploring ideas and generally eager to explore what is put before them.  Their questions are wide open and that makes the presentation fun.  But, more important, from my perspective, if a life can be changed early in a young career, then I will have paid it forward.  That inspires me!


I was privileged to speak to business students at the University of Florida and no long there after a young student wrote the following in the Greenback University blog.  His article (printed below) is a reflection of the presentation I made the reaction from the perspective of a student participant.

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Business Ethics Competition in Canada Features Chuck Gallagher as Keynote Speaker

The only Business Ethics Competition in Canada is being hosted by Dalhousie University. The competitive advantage of a sound knowledge of business ethics is something each team member participating in the upcoming Dalhousie Business Ethics Case Competition (DBECC) will be sure to strive for as their teams vie for top honors. It is an advantage that could serve them well in a time of increased focus on corporate social responsibility as the world struggles to deal with the current credit crisis.

Scheduled for November 13-15, the DBECC is the only business ethics case competition in Canada. Eight universities from the United States and Canada will partake in a three-part case competition which will be judged by volunteers from government, well-known corporations and academic institutions. The students will be required to analyze complex situations in a real-life context. Their presentations will be judged based on ethical, financial, legal, and social consequences of their decisions.

Business Ethics Competition in Canada

Business Ethics Competition in Canada

Business Ethics Speaker, Chuck Gallagher, will be the featured keynote speaker for this international event. Gallagher brings a unique perspective to this Business Ethics Case competition. As a motivational keynote speaker and business executive, Chuck’s message contains a blend of motivation, success, choices, consequences, illusions, failure, ethics, and integrity based on personal experience.

This student-run case competition has been months in the planning. Matt White, Chair of DBECC, is very excited for the competition to begin. After building the planning committee in March 2008, his vision has been clear, “We want to help prepare students to make ethical decisions and provide a better face to business in these turbulent times. DBECC is a case competition that is very important to Dalhousie and we want to continue to build a sustainable competition for students to attend in years to come.”

The participating teams will be representing Purdue University, theiversity of Florida, Memorial University, Sir Wilfred Laurier University, The Ivey School of Business, Queen’s University, Bishop’s University and Dalhousie University.

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