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What’s the Government’s Game with Deflazacort

The drug deflazacort has been used for many years to treat a terrible disease called Duchenne muscular dystrophy. About 15,000 Americans suffer from this incurable disease. Deflazacort is a drug that has been shown to be much more effective than conventional steroids. If someone in your family has the disease, you can import the drug for about $1,200 per year. If you try to buy it here, it will run you about $89,000 per year. This is not a joke.

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Are Companies Doing Enough to Stop Phishing?

We are in the midst of an interesting ethical dilemma. As 2017 is unfolding, more and more of us are getting suckered into opening email attachments that contain malware.  It’s call phishing! Interestingly, the reason so many fall for this unethical scam is due to overconfidence!

The University of Texas at San Antonio has just released a study that essentially states that most of us believe we are smarter than cyber criminals and that we can out-think them. What might really amaze you is that Millennials are more likely than Gen-X or Baby Boomers to get scammed!

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The Struggle of Love: Greenville County former Postmaster Guilty of Fraud!

Sharon D. Johnson, a writer based in Columbia, South Carolina, and her cohort, Patricia G. Sullivan, the former postmaster of Greenville County, had an idea that was so unethical and so ridiculous that naturally, a lot of good natured folks fell for it. In fact, the two women fleeced nearly $300,000 out of the community. They have pleaded guilty to committing wire fraud. If the judge passes the possible sentence that could be imposed in this case, Ms. Johnson will have plenty of time to write a decent book.  Meanwhile Amazon still has for sale – The Struggle of Love.

The Struggle of Love

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Can the Wells Fargo Brand Recover from a Tarnished Ethical Lapse?

The Truth always comes out.  That is an easy statement to make and one that I have lived over and over – especially when it comes to dumb stupid choices that I’ve made that have come back to bite me.  Wells Fargo, as a company, can certainly identify with it’s share of “in the media” challenges since the truth of millions of phony accounts, fake bank card PIN’s and fake email accounts came to the surface.  It seemed that Wells Fargo’s culture of ethics was lacking.

Wells Fargo fired some 5,300 employees and has paid well over $185 million in penalties and fines – and of course, apologized.

With all the negative publicity which has created costs and consequences well beyond what most folks could envision for Wells Fargo – where do they go now moving forward?

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Platinum Partners Ponzi scheme – Move over Madoff

Just what was it that Bernie Madoff taught the financial world? Apparently, very little in an ethical sense. The executives of Platinum Partners could soon be heading off to jail in their creation of a yet another type of Ponzi scheme. Until Wall Street begins to take ethical training seriously, these types of scams will be happening again and again.

Five executives of the hedge fund were just charged for committing securities fraud to the tune of $1 billion. Among the bogus companies they managed was Black Elk Energy, where the partners “only” defrauded about $50 million.

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Ibis Tek LLC: An Unethical Family Dynamic = a $6 million Fraud

There are all kinds of reasons why unethical people commit fraud, but when we boil it all down, they see an opportunity and if there are no checks and balances in place, they will seize that opportunity – just ask the folks at Ibis Tek LLC.

The outrageous expenses for defense are legendary. It is one thing to charge for an item fairly but it is quite another when a contractor chooses to defraud.

In Pennsylvania, there is a small company outside of Butler named Ibis Tek LLC. The company makes, among other things, window assembly kits for the Humvee. It may not sound like much, and maybe that’s what the former executives of the company figured, but former owners (and brothers!) Thomas Buckner and John Buckner, along with the company’s former CFO Harry Kramer, put together a scheme to overcharge the government by $6 million.

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Non-Profit Defrauded by Head Employee Wafa Abboud Nearly $1 million Lost

Wafa Abboud – the head of a Long Island not-for-profit organization swiped nearly $1 million in “consulting fees” to pay for her lavish lifestyle, which included cosmetic surgery, family vacations, spa treatments and her $1.3 million home, federal authorities in Brooklyn charged.

Wafa Abboud allegedly ripped off $900,000 from Human First Inc., a social-services provider for those with autism and other developmental disabilities, between January 2011 and May 2016, according to a criminal complaint.

She served as executive director of the nonprofit from 2010 through May 2016, when she was fired. The organization paid at least $16,000 a month — and sometimes more — to consulting firm MPB Management, a company run by one of Abboud’s cohorts, Marcelle Bailey, court papers say.

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Michael Minh Nguyen: Unethical Choices Lead to Finance Services Manager Downfall

In the City of Placentia, California the Finance Services Manager, Michael Minh Nguyen was given a 25-year sentence plus an order to pay the city approximately $2.6 million in restitution for the $5.2 million in funds he embezzled and approximately $10.3 million in fines. He is now 37 years of age and he will likely be behind bars for the most of his adult life. Financially, his life is ruined unless he is lucky enough to win the state lottery. He is a white-collar criminal, with an emphasis on the word “criminal.” Here’s the full story.

He will have company in jail, Herbert Norris Trotter Jr., is facing 37 years in jail as Nguyen’s co-conspirator for his role in money laundering and theft along with Michael Todd McDonald of Henderson, Nevada, who was part of the money laundering scheme. He faces 58 years in jail, which is effectively a life sentence.

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Navy Scandal: Leonard Glenn “Fat Leonard” Francis Sell-Out for Trinkets

His name is Leonard Glenn “Fat Leonard” Francis. He sounds like a cartoon character but right about now, no one is laughing. Francis is a high-flying defense contractor, and from 2006 to 2014, he bribed high-ranking Naval officers in order to get in their good graces and to perpetrate a grand fraud scheme.

It takes tremendous work and effort to become an Admiral or any officer of high rank. One of the officers that “Fat Leonard” bribed was Rear Adm. Bruce Loveless, an intelligence officer who should have known better, and should have known what bad ethics “looked like.” Loveless had company, including four, now retired Navy captains and a retired Marine colonel.

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Sports Ethics: Is the FBI hunting for Tom Brady’s Jersey?

Several years ago, I was in a road race and I came in second. My mom, in an attempt to be funny asked me: “How many were in the race? Two?”  No, it was three. Well, it was actually more like 100 but that’s not the point. My prized medal has gone missing, and I have no idea where. What are my chances of contacting the FBI to help me in my search? I understand they are now specializing in that kind of stuff.

No Axe to Grind

OK all you Pats fans, before you go ballistic in attacking me for being anti-Tom Brady, let me say that in my opinion (for what it’s worth), I think he is the greatest quarterback who has ever played the game, and that includes Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith and anyone else who might come to mind. It isn’t about them either or even Brady.

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